Canberra Getaway

Canberra is almost universally regarded by Australians as a boring dump, but even the biggest dump can be worth visiting if you’re not there for very long.

With a couple of days to spare in July 2011, we took a short trip down to Canberra to check out the numerous museums and dining hot spots.  It turned out to be one of the more enjoyable getaways in recent memory.

Here are the posts detailing the hightlights.


Canberra Day 1 Round Up — a bunch of stuff here including Parliament House.

I love Questacon! — my favourite museum in Canberra, the awesome science museum Questacon.

Two Canberra Museums in Half a Day — a post on two of the top attractions in Canberra, the Australian War Memorial and the Australian National Museum.



View of Canberra from Mount Ainslie Lookout — a nice lookout point over Canberra that’s totally free!


Italian & Sons (Canberra) — the best Italian joint in Canberra, Italian & Sons serves wonderful pizzas, pastas and mains.

Silo Bakery (Canberra) — not a lot of good cafes around Canberra, but Silo is the best one there is according to most locals.



Brodburger: Freaking Delicious Burgers! — sold out of a caravan, Brodburger serves some of the best burgers I have ever tasted.

Canberra’s Best: Aubergine — the best fine dining restaurant in Canberra!

Saturday Lunch at Poachers Pantry — a cosy little smokehouse that serves fresh meats and produce.

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