Celebrating Half A Million Hits!

November 9, 2010 in Blogging, On Writing, Study

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I’m still not out of the woods of my studies just yet, but I’ve been dying to write a short post and this morning, an opportunity suddenly presented itself — my blog has finally reached 500,000 hits!  Woo hoo!

When I started blogging in January last year, I was lucky to get 5 hits a day, and it was extremely depressing to think just 5 people (or potentially, one person clicking five times) were reading my blog.  Like many other aspiring bloggers, I began looking for ways to increase my blog’s exposure and getting the hits up.  I joined Technorati.  I joined Stumbleupon.  I signed up at BlogCatalogue, MyBlogLog, Zimbio, Delicious, etc.  I did something (I can’t remember) with Alexa.  And of course, I signed up to all the blog search engines.  I never paid for any of those services (legit or not) that claimed could boost your site stats or rankings.

But really, the most important thing in blogging is not any of that — it’s writing good content that people will want to read.  Whether it’s a movie or book review, funny lists, travel, satirical writing, sports or tips on writing, I’ve found out that if you write what people want to read, they’ll come to your site (provided you tag it and categorise it properly).  It won’t happen overnight, of course (though occasionally there could be a massive spurt if you write something in the news), but over time you’ll find that there are certain posts that will keep generating traffic.  On the other hand, to this day I still have stinker posts that only have ONE hit.  You just never know sometimes, but if you keep blogging, learn how to improve your writing and most of all, love doing it, then eventually it will pay off.  These days I don’t measure how well my blog is doing in terms of hits, but rather, from the opportunities I get out of it.

It’s interesting.  At zero hits I was in another field, wondering whether I could ever get out of it.  At 250,000 hits, I made the decision to make a change into writing.  Now, at 500,000 hits, I’m finally doing what I love.  What will the next milestone bring?  Will I finally finish my novel?

Are my blog stats real?

January 27, 2010 in Blogging

For those just passing by or stumbled onto this blog, please leave a message.  Anything.  Just so I know you’re real.

You see, I recently started wondering where I was getting all these hits from.  From humble beginnings where this blog would get 50 hits on a good day, it has now gotten to a point where 1000+ is the norm.

But when I checked my stats, it appears I sometimes get massive traffic from just a couple of posts (usually my European travel or boxing ones).  Once I got almost 4000 hits in a day just on one of them.  It got me suspicious.  Where do these people come from?  Just how do they find this blog?

I tried searching on WordPress and Google, and rarely do any of my posts come up in keyword searches.  The only place where I got more luck was Google image searches.  Could these people just be looking for pictures?

I went further and registered with Clicky (since you can’t use Google Analytics on WordPress).  It appears most of my visitors are unique (as opposed to one person clicking a thousand times), but the average time they spend here is like 40 seconds.  WordPress swears by its stats system but I’m convinced something is fishy here.

So please, leave a message.  Tell me how you found this blog.  I’ll reward you with this John Wall mix tape.