The Great Excerpt Experiment on WordPress!

January 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am, what you would call, an idiot.

After blogging on WordPress for just over a year, today I finally realised what that little “Insert More tag” button is in the toolbar when writing a post.

For fellow idiots, the purpose of the button is to split your post up so you have to click on the ‘more’ button to read the rest of the post.  Create an ‘excerpt’ of your post, if you will.

Many moons ago, I read about this ‘splitting/excerpt’ business on some website teaching people how to be better bloggers.  It said that putting excerpts in your posts has many benefits, such as:

  • reducing the apparent length of the post to your reader, who may be put off by such a long post at first glance;
  • reducing the load time on your front page; and
  • increasing the number of hits to your blog as a click on the ‘more’ button counts as an extra hit.

Well from today, I am going to conduct a little experiment.  I am going back into my old posts and splitting them up to see whether any of the above things are true.

I know, I know…seeing that I have almost 300 posts on this blog, taking the time to actually do this makes me an even bigger idiot.  So I am being slightly less of an idiot by just choosing the longer posts and the posts that people actually read.

Nevertheless…let the Great Excerpt Experiment begin!