The Clock’s Ticking

July 5, 2015 in Blogging, Misc, Novel, On Writing


Is it just me or is time flying? Can’t believe it’s been more than two weeks since my last post. Health issues, visiting relatives, family roadtrips, work, freelance gigs, NBA free agency and general laziness have kept me from being more active than I should be. Hopefully, that is about to change.

About a year ago I made a pact with a friend, a bit of a dreamer like me but with more outlandish ideas about doing something with their lives to get out of the rat race and make the world a better place. We like to dream big, but like most people, seem to lack the persistence and resolve to follow through. So we decided to promise each other to take the initiative to get something done. Set a goal and work towards it. We decided six months or even a year was too short to get our butts moving, so we aimed for 18 months — the end of this year.

My goal was simple: to complete a first draft of something, be it a novel or a screenplay. There were times throughout the past 12 months where I have gotten into a couple of my pet projects, with great passion and enthusiasm, but never for very long. And now I don’t have very long left. Six months to produce something so I can keep up my end of the bargain.

To be honest I’m not optimistic. I was wrong in thinking that starting is the hardest part. The hardest part is always keeping it up the next day, and the day after, and the day after that. I’ve started so many times over the past year, only to stop after a day or two for whatever reason. The key is to not view that as a stoppage, but a bump in the road before getting back on track again.

Here goes. I’ve got a whole bunch of posts lined up and almost ready to post, so I’ll spread them out over the next week or two to give myself some breathing room to get into it without neglecting this blog. I’m still watching movies so reviews will keep coming.

Wish me luck.

The Most Disgraceful Book Cover Ever!

June 11, 2009 in Book Reviews, On Writing

Rarely do I see such a disgraceful book cover.  See photos below.  Pretty self explanatory.  Pardon the quality of the photos as I took them surreptitiously on my phone camera.

The front cover

The front cover

The back cover

The back cover

For those still confused, the real author’s name is Simon Kernick, and the name of book is Deadline (both down at the bottom).  I’ve seen ‘if you enjoyed X’ type recommendations for new novels before, but this took it to a whole new level.  You can even get the book for free if you pre-order Dan Brown’s forthcoming The Lost Symbol!  The writing on the back cover is not very clear, but the top half is dedicated to why you should read Dan Brown – only the bottom half is about Deadline.

There is no right of publicity in the UK, but I’m sure both Brown and Kernick would be spewing if they knew about this cover (and at least a prima facie case of passing off could be made).  It’s designed to mislead and deceive the careless book buyer, or at the very least cause what is commonly referred to as ‘initial interest confusion’.  The danger is exacerbated when this book is placed right next to Dan Brown’s books, which it was when I found it in WH Smith (a UK bookstore chain).

The thing is, Kernick is not some crappy first time author who can’t sell a copy.  His previous novel, Relentless, was the 8th best-selling paperback, and the best-selling thriller in the UK in 2007.

[Update: seems this book cover controversy has really taken off, with several blogs and newspapers reporting it.  Turns out Kernick knew about it from the start and is quite relaxed about it – because the book was only supposed to be given for free when pre-ordering Brown’s new book, and not to be sold individually.  But what do you expect when the book is placed amongst the other Dan Brown books on the shelves?  Sure, Kernick’s sales have gone up since this promotion (good for him) but as a writer I thought he would have been against it, or at least the way in which it was placed in stores.]