TJB Dim Sum (Taipei)

April 10, 2014 in Food, Reviews, Taiwan, Travel

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I tell you what, the Breeze food level on top of Taipei Main Station is a foodies paradise. There are must-haves such as Anzu and Ippudo, and very-nice-to-haves such as Ootoya. The whole floor is full of delights, not just popular restaurants but also themed food courts (eg, traditional Taiwanese cuisine, curry, beef noodles, etc). I’ve been trying them, one by one, and a couple of weeks ago I tried TJB Dim Sum, the dim sum franchise of the TJB (TheJeansBar) chain that also includes the brunch joint TJB Cafe.

We had an opportunity to go for a lunch set, which I would not have minded, but since it doesn’t really you that much money we decided to order a la carte. They serve various stir-fry and soup noodles, rice, BBQ meats, congee, vegetables, bread toasts/buns/sandwiches and dim sims which include spring rolls, turnip cakes, BBQ pork buns, shumai, etc. Set meals that include drinks and buns are available for a bit extra. Here is the full menu.  Price wise you’re looking at a minimum of about NT$150 to NT$300, depending on whether you get a beverage or other snacks.

Plenty of options, but we went with a simple oyster sauce stir-fried noodle with shallots and ginger, a TJB pork chop, BBQ pork and fried egg rice, a TJB pineapple bun with butter, plus a milk tea. We also ordered a BBQ pork bun but they stuffed up the order and took more than half an hour to get it to us, so they took it off the bill in the end.

Here’s what we go in photos.

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How was it? Good! I didn’t expect anything exceptional, so the food was probably better than I expected. The noodles were plain but delicious, and rice was great. The bun was slightly better than average and I’ve had better milk teas. Still, given the other enticing options available on the menu (such as the stir-fried turnip cake) I wouldn’t mind heading back to try the place again.



TJB Dim Sum (TJB 茶餐室)

Website:  (Facebook page)

Kam Wah Golden China Restaurant (金華燒腊大王) (Hong Kong)

September 24, 2013 in Food, Hong Kong, Reviews, Travel

照片 068

There are few things better in this world than traditional Honky “siu mei”, the generic name in Cantonese cuisine given to spit roasted meats like BBQ pork and soy chicken and roast duck and roasted pig. And so of course we had to visit a famous siu mei place during our most recent visit.

The preferred choice was the legendary Joy Hing’s Roasted Meat (再興燒臘飯店) in Wanchai, but unfortunately it was closed on Sunday (what kind of popular restaurant closes on Sunday?) so we went with the next best option, Kam Wah (金華燒臘大王) (which goes by the typical English name Golden China Restaurant) in Central.

Like most siu mei places, Kam Wah has spit roasts hanging in the store window. The interior looks kinda old and traditional, but that’s understandable considering the sign says that it’s been around since 1962. We were really early (before 6pm) so the place was relatively empty.

照片 069

They have an extensive menu offering an assortment of siu mei (you can choose the usual single meat option, or the double or triple) with rice or congee or various noodles and wontons and soups. There’s also vegetables, fried rice and other meat dishes. I managed to take some snaps of the menu so you can check it out for yourself.

照片 070

照片 072

照片 071
照片 076

We ended up going with just two things, a BBQ pork with steamed chicken on rice, and a soy chicken and roast duck with egg noodle soup. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

照片 073

BBQ Pork with Steamed Chicken

照片 074

Soy Chicken and Roast Duck with Egg Noodle Soup

Quite simply, some of the best siu mei I’ve had, though I’d stop short of saying it was the best. Full of flavour but not overpowering and just the right amount of oil so it was tasty but not excessively greasy. The green onions in oil for the steamed chicken and the plum sauce for the roast duck both really hit the spot. Very reasonable prices too, less than HK$100 for 2 people.



Kam Wah Golden China Restaurant (金華燒臘大王)

Address: 9 Jubilee Street, Central, Hong Kong

Phone: 2545 1472

Hours: Open daily 11am-10pm

Kam Wah

Tim Ho Wan: Ultra Cheap Michelin Star Restaurant!

July 24, 2010 in Best Of, Food, Hong Kong, Travel

Tim Ho Wan is tasty and cheap!

Usually a Michelin Star means a restaurant has been given a free licence to charge prices through the roof because people are going to go anyway.

Not Tim Ho Wan (which literally means “Add Good Luck” in Chinese), which is well known for being one of, if not the cheapest Michelin Star awarded restaurant in the world.

Tasty and cheap?  Well, we just had to check it out.

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