Tutto Bello (Taipei)

January 21, 2014 in Food, Reviews, Taiwan, Travel by pacejmiller

tutto bello outside

So I keep hearing rave reviews about Tutto Bello, said to be one of the best, if not the best Italian restaurant in Taipei. It’s a posh joint, and relatively pricey, but you only live once, so what the heck. Their website has most of the details you’ll need about this exclusive restaurant that prides itself in offering personalized service and beautifully presented dishes that show off their impressive creativity.

We ended up going for lunch. They have basically two set menus, a cheaper Menu of Gourmets, which offers a choice of three courses, desert and tea or coffee for NT$2,800 (+10% service charge), and a more expensive Menu Discovery of Flavours, which offers the same number of courses except they feature more premium ingredients, and as a result costs a lot more at NT$5,800 (+10%). They also have an a la carte menu where the most expensive item is NT$3,500 for a Wagyu steak. The menus are of course subject to change, and from what I can tell it changes quite regularly.

Check out some photos below.


House bread with olive oil and butter


Refreshing fresh salad


Seafood broth


Spatchcock with creamy bisque


Quail and seared duck liver


Arrabiata angel hair pasta with seared scallops


Duck fillet


Dessert of the day

The house bread was fine, nice and hot, and went well with the condiments that were offered. The salad sounded really elaborate on the menu, but it looked like a pretty regular salad and didn’t taste too different from one. The one that disappointed me the most was the seafood broth, which was lukewarm and tasted rather bland. That tended to be a general problem with a lot of the dishes — not hot enough. As for the others, I really enjoyed the quail and liver, though the serving size was a little smaller than I would have liked, and all those little things on the edge of the plate looked nice but didn’t add much in terms of flavour. The pasta was fairly good but the scallops were slightly overdone, and the duck fillet was probably the highlight, largely because of the crispy skin and creamy sauce. The dessert was also a bit of a letdown.

I have a feeling we might have visited Tutto Bello on an off day, because our experience did not quite match the extremely high expectations. The service was indeed excellent, though on this day I felt the menu was more flash than substance, or maybe the courses just didn’t match my personal tastes. The presentation was incredible, but the flavours didn’t wow me. It was a perfectly fine restaurant, but it was quite expensive and the cuisine didn’t really stand out. That said, judging from photos of their food on other websites, I wouldn’t rule out another visit at some point in the future.



Tutto Bello

Website: http://www.tuttobello.com.tw/e/index.swf

Address: No. 15, Lane 25 Shuang Cheng Street, Taipei (nearest MRT Zhongshan Elementary School, orange line)

Phone: (02) 2592-3355

Hours: 12PM- 2:30PM; 6PM- 10:30PM

tutto map