Sumie Nouvelle Cuisine Japonaise (San Want Hotel, Taipei)

January 19, 2014 in Food, Reviews, Taiwan, Travel by pacejmiller


Sumie has a sushi bar but most of the seats are at spacious tables

Say what you want about Taiwan’s powerful Want Want Group, but no one can deny that they deliver amazing cuisine. Their Japanese restaurant, Sumie, located on level 4 of San Want Hotel in Taipei’s busy East district, is one of the highlights. There’s nothing really fancy or flashy about the cuisine, designed by renowned chef Sakae Miura, but it’s just extremely solid and tasty. Simple, classy and delicious is how I would describe the place.

Here are a few pages of the menu I managed to snap with my camera.






As you can see, even the business lunch sets are around NT$1000 per head (including the 10% service charge). Each set comes with an appetizer, salad, sashimi, a seasonal dish, soup, rice and dessert. The healthy set is even more expensive at NT$1580 + 10%.

We ended up ordering two business lunch sets with the teppanyaki beef and teriyaki lamb as the mains. I was also very enticed by the sushi so we ended up getting a set of tempura prawn rolls.


A refreshing vegetarian appetizer that has an unusual jelly texture


A surprisingly tasty salad with sweet corn and a tangy Japanese dressing


Seasonal dish — tofu with vegetables


Assorted sashimi


Miso soup and clay pot rice with pippies


The teppanyaki beef


Teriyaki lamb chops


Tempura prawn sushi


Dessert — black sesami panna cotta

The photos pretty much speak for themselves, but I don’t think the really do Sumie justice. Everything was delicate and simple but flavoursome. I hate tofu and I even tried some, and thought it was good. The main courses were excellent, with the beef tender and the teriyaki lamb chops incredibly juicy and saucy without being overbearing. I was also very happy to have ordered the tempura prawn sushi. I’ve had many of these in the past at other places and Sumie’s are at or near the very top. The sprinkle of bonito flakes and sauce just capped it off.

The servings are not huge and the prices are relatively high by Taipei standards, but not for a high quality restaurant in a major hotel. I would recommend Sumie to anyone who enjoys good Japanese food. A wonderful experience.


PS: San Want Hotel also has an adjacent bakery on the ground floor that is ridiculously awesome. Try their cakes if you get a chance, with the fresh chocolate cake being the deserved signature item.


Sumie Nouvelle Cuisine Japonaise (澄江創意懷石料理)

Address: Level 4, San Want Hotel, No.172, Sec. 4, ZhongXiao East Road, Taipei, Taiwa (nearest MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua)

Phone: (02) 2781-6909 (ext. 10)

Hours: 11:30am-2pm; 5:30pm-9pm