Fine Italian cuisine at Beata te’ (Taipei)

November 11, 2013 in Food, Reviews, Taiwan, Travel by pacejmiller



Lots of Italian options in Taipei, but on this day we were feeling like some fine food, so we chose Beata te’ at the luxurious Bella Vita in Taipei’s Xinyi district. The restaurant is the love child of Alberto Zambotti, owner of Chianti Italian, and Purple, a Taiwanese author specializing in nutrition and healthy eating.

The interior of Beate te’ is comfortable and clean, with simple decorations and booths featuring big, soft sofas. The menu is available here and includes prices, which range from NT$780 for the Lunch Express to a whopping NT$5800 for the Troppo Buono set. There are also of course a la carte options as well.


The NT$5800 set looked like it was just overload, so we went with the $2500 Signature Lobster Set and the $1280 Delicate Lunch Set with the black truffle cream sauce fettuccine.  The signature set has one additional course (in this case the polenta) but essentially each set has at least a starter, a soup, a main course and a dessert.



Complimentary house bread


Chef’s antipasto (cold meat)


Squid tagliatelle




Vegetable soup


Leek soup with clams


Fettuccine with Alba black truffle cream sauce


Tagliolini with fresh Boston lobster


Coffee — is that a dog?


Hazelnut chocolate mousse served with house sorbet



House dessert (wine-soaked pear)

So how was it? It was good, but not exceptional, and ultimately a little disappointing because of the price. The dishes are a mix of Italian and creative contemporary cuisine but the flavours are more on the bland side, possibly because of the intention to be healthier. The standouts would have to be the squid tagliatelle, the leek soup and the black truffle fettuccine, though none of them made me say “wow, this is amazing.” The signature lobster dish was pretty good, but it also looked better than it tasted. In fact, the flavour reminded me of those Chinese restaurant lobster/crab dishes where they have noodles underneath — and I can’t say that this was much better than those.

On the whole, I can’t say the experience was poor because a certain level of quality is basically guaranteed at fine establishments such as this one, but if I were to go Italian there are preferable options out there for much cheaper prices. I’m glad I tried it out but it’s hard to envision heading back there anytime soon.



Beata te’


Address: 4F, Bella Vita, No.28, Song Ren Rd, Xinyi district, Taipei (nearest MRT Taipei City Hall)

Phone: +886 2 8789-1799

Hours: 11:30-15:00, 18:00-23:00