Butcher’s Kitchen (Jinhua branch, Taipei)

November 7, 2013 in Food, Reviews by pacejmiller


Butcher’s Kitchen is known for its meat and is regarded as a steak joint, but it’s also not a bad choice if you’re after a lighter, cheaper meal of pastas and burgers. We visited the new Butcher’s Kitchen franchise that opened recently and is located just a short walk from the CKS Memorial Hall MRT station. (Their original store is near the Yuanshan MRT station.)

The location is not great (it’s tucked away a little bit) but inside is very warm and cosy but spacious at the same time. They also have some outside seating but it was raining on this day so we got a seat inside.

Their steaks are around NT$1000-$1800 each and I have heard mixed things about them, especially the Taiwanese beef. So instead we went with their “Light Meals” section, which features burgers, stew, pork chops, kebabs and seafood. They also had a couple of pasta specials on the board that weren’t on the menu — a cream-based and tomato-based one.

We ultimately decided on their BK Jumbo Hamburger (which I heard was better than the enticing mini burger sliders) and their fettuccine carbonara (with bacon). One of them was a set meal which came with a salad and a beverage and we also got a pumpkin soup plus a dessert. Check it out.



No complaints about the pumpkin soup. Hot, thick and sweet. Not the best I’ve had but certainly serviceable for a soup of the day.



The salad looks basic but it was surprisingly good. It was more of a Caesar-type salad and that’s right up my alley.


The burger was not exactly a “jumbo” burger, but it was very nice. The beef patty was thick and juicy, and I loved the simplicity of the onions and lettuce, leaving you to decide how much ketchup and mustard you want to add yourself (everyone gets a bottle of each on their table). The fries were also excellent, very crispy and piping hot. The bun was toasted but nothing special, and I think that’s the only major improvement I could note with this option.



The surprise of the meal was the carbonara. I am usually sceptical of non-menu items (because if it’s so good it would be on the regular menu), but this was one of the best carbonara’s I’ve had in Asia. Just really great pasta, a nice creamy sauce that isn’t too heavy and a solid blend of flavors with a fair sprinkle of tasty bacon. The table next to us got the tomato-based pasta and it looked awesome too.


The dessert was just a chocolate mousse cake and standard vanilla ice cream. Nothing to write home about and I probably won’t get dessert from here again.

On the whole, a quick and satisfying meal that set us back about NT$1000 in total. Will be going back to try the steaks next time, but it’s a place I would recommend just for its burger and pastas.



Butcher’s Kitchen (肉舖廚房) (Jinhua store)

Address: No. 1, Alley 30, Jinhua Street, Zhongzheng district, Taipei (CKS Memorial Hall Station)

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bktaipei

Phone: (02) 2358-1822

Hours: 11am-10pm