Anthony Mundine insists fight will go on, with or without Shane Mosley

October 22, 2013 in Best Of, Boxing, Humor, Sport by pacejmiller


“I bet you don’t have the balls to pull out of the fight,” Mundine says to Mosley.

The boxing world is in shock today after American boxing great Shane Mosley quit a fight for the first time in his life, walking out of Wednesday night’s bout against former Australian rugby league star Anthony “The Man” Mundine. Witnesses say a man bearing a striking resemblance to Mosley was seen in green cargo pants, Nike sneakers and a walking frame at Sydney International Airport on Tuesday morning waiting to catch a flight back to the United States.

Mosley, 42, said he had “no choice” but to bail after the fight’s co-promoter, Millennium Events, failed to deliver AU$700,000 as promised by 5pm on Monday afternoon. Mosley had already received AU$300,000 as part of his AU$1 million deal to take on Mundine at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, but his promoter said they “had to protect him” because no fighter should ever step into the ring unless they have received their entire purse before a fight, and “not a cent less.”

“It’s outrageous, egregious, preposterous,” said a lawyer representing Golden Boy, Mosley’s promoter.

Mosley (47-8-1, 39 KOs), who has three losses and a draw in his last five fights and is generally regarded as washed up, said he was bitterly disappointed because he had been planning to make a “big statement” by beating Mundine, who lost his previous fight in a controversial decision (according to himself) against countryman Daniel Geale in January. Mosley said later that things turned out for the best in the end as he had made “an even bigger statement for all of boxing” by walking away from the fight, demonstrating that “money is the most important part of the sweet science.”

“In a world of crooked promoters, corrupt judges and shameless sanctioning organizations, someone — and I guess that means me, Sugar Shane — had to take a stand, or more correctly in this case, walk away,” Mosley said, adding that the AU$300,000 he already received will be put to a “good cause”, without providing any further explanation.


Mosley at Sydney Airport on Tuesday morning, happy to be leaving with AU$300,000 in cash

For the 38-year-old Mundine (44-5, 26KOs), however, Mosley walking away on the eve of the bout is not a big problem.

“Mosley-Mundine will go on, with or without Sugar Shane,” Mundine insisted. “Seriously, I couldn’t care less.”

The attitude is consistent with Mundine’s earlier statements when Mosley skipped out on several promotional events in the lead-up to the fight, including a press conference, a radio show and a TV appearance on Channel Nine.

“There are all types of rumours but the fight is going ahead, I have no doubt,” Mundine said at the time.

When pressed on how the bout would be possible without one of the billed fighters, Mundine said: “The promoters and I have been looking at all possible alternatives so that we won’t have to refund any of the ticket holders or people who have paid for the pay-per-view. And trust me, we have some great options that might be even better than the original event.”

The first option outlined by Mundine is for him to take on “another Mosley.”

“There are lots of Mosleys out there,” Mundine explained. “And if we do that we won’t even have to change the Mosley-Mundine banners and posters. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

One possible replacement mentioned by Mundine was Oswald Mosley, the English politician known as the founding father of the British Union of Fascists. When told that Oswald Mosley died in 1980, Mundine shrugged and did another quick Google search on his smartphone.

“Well there’s also the author Walter Mosley. It seems he’s American too, from his website bio,” Mundine said as he scrolled down the list of search results. “There’s also a company called Mosley Electronics. I could take on their CEO or one of their electronic products. It’ll be like the Street Fighter II bonus round. Perfect!”

If all else fails, according to Mundine, he could just shadow box for 10 rounds by himself.

“Mike Tyson had a one man show,” he said.

“I know y’all are disappointed, but as the fat lady once sang, the show must go on,” Mundine said. “The only difference now is that instead of predicting victory I will guarantee it. That is of course unless the judges decide to screw me again.”