Four Seasons Clay Pot Rice (Hong Kong)

September 23, 2013 in Food, Hong Kong, Reviews, Travel by pacejmiller

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The busy exterior of Four Seasons Clay Pot Rice in Yau Ma Tei

I am a lover of clay pot rice (煲仔飯), and one of the most popular clay pot rice joints in Hong Kong is at Yau Ma Tei, near the markets on Arthur Street.

For those who don’t know what it is, clay pot rice is called kamameshi in Japanese and consists of rice and other ingredients cooked slowly in — you guess it — a clay pot, so that the bottom gets slightly burned so the texture is a little harder but not charred. In Hong Kong they love putting Chinese sausages, pork chops and chicken (including chicken feet), topped off with a flavoursome sweet soy sauce on top. It’s amazing stuff.

Four Seasons Clay Pot Rice (四季煲仔飯)looks like one of those no frills places with lots of foldable tables and stools bunched together. It’s likely you’ll have to wait outside for a table and then share when a table becomes available. On this night we were lucky and didn’t have to wait long, but as soon as we were seated the line outside got really long.

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Doesn’t look great, but it’s authentic Hong Kong experience

There are lots of combinations to choose from. You can get a single ingredient (eg, pork chop, chicken, beef, Chinese sausage, etc) or you can choose two ingredients or even three. We ended up going with two clay pots, two ingredients each. From memory they were HK$34 each (single ingredient pots are about HK$27 each), so it’s very affordable and HK$100 can easily feed two people.

照片 037

Pork and chicken with ginger

照片 038

Pork with Chinese sausage — apologies for the unfortunate angle

As you can see, we got the pork with chicken and the pork with Chinese sausage (we really like the pork). The sauce you see in the photos were added on after the pots arrived at our table (after about a 10-minute wait). There is a big bottle of the stuff on every table, so you can add as much or as little as you want. I added a LOT.

A rice each was supposed to be enough, but just about every table around us ordered these fried oysters (almost like tempura), and the waitress really recommended it, so we thought what the heck and got some too.

照片 036

Fried Oysters

Glad we got them because they were divine! Oily, of course, but not drenched in oil like I had expected, and it was very crunchy and tasty.

The whole meal was done in about half an hour. Definitely a place I’d recommend for people who like clay pot rice, or even just rice in general.



Four Seasons Clay Pot Rice (四季煲仔飯)

Address:  Address: 46-58 Arthur Street, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong (nearest MRT Yau Ma Tei)