Aqua’s Infinity Brunch (Hong Kong)

September 18, 2013 in Best Of, Food, Hong Kong, Reviews, Travel by pacejmiller

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The spectacular views of Hong Kong harbour from Aqua

Truth be told, we kind of scheduled our latest trip to Hong Kong around a visit to Aqua, part of the restaurant group (of the same name) specializing in fine dining in Hong Kong, Beijing and London. The reason we just had to go is because we kept hearing rave reviews about Aqua’s Infinity Brunch (really a lunch because it’s from 12pm-3pm), available only on weekends and offers unlimited servings of exquisite Italian and Japanese cuisine.

Located on levels 29 and 30 at One Peking Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, Aqua offers amazing views over Hong Kong and is the perfect place for a late and lazy weekend brunch. Great for couples and families.

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The interesting thing about this Infinity Brunch is that it is not a buffet — they actually have a menu and several courses which they serve one at a time (Italian and Japanese, side by side), and if you want more of a particular dish you just ask for it. Check out the phenomenal menu here (also available on the official website)

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As you can see, the price is fairly reasonable for the quality of food you are getting. It’s HK$398+10% service charge, excluding beverages (you can pay another HK$100 per head for unlimited soft drinks) or HK$598+10% for those who want free flow alcohol. Children between 3 and 11 cost HK$198+10% and children below 3 are free.

Anyway, check out the wonderful food photos.

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We started off with some fresh bread with a yoghurty, cheesy dip that really hit the spot. I particularly liked the squarish honey lemon bread and was almost tempted into asking for more but resisted because I knew there was a long road ahead for my belly.

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Next up, a couple of starters. The Italian one was an antipasto platter with salty ham, rocket, buffalo mozzarella and rock melon, whole the Japanese one had an assortment of sushi and sashimi. Both were excellent — simple but tasty. The fish was incredibly fresh, with the kingfish especially worthy of a repeat order. We ended up getting a little more of the sushi and sashimi, which was probably a mistake because there was so much more coming.

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Next, some edamame to chew on before the pastas and noodles.

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The menu only has two types of pastas but we got three. The first photo is of a ravioli filled with sweet carrot puree and tangy balsamic, which balanced each other out perfectly. The second is of the paccheri pasta with duck ragu, and the third photo is also a ravioli but with a lightly spicy but incredibly tangy tomato sauce. I loved all three of them and they were probably my favorite dishes of the meal.

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On the Japanese side we only got one dish, which was plenty — a cold udon with cooked bean curd and tempura crust. It was refreshing and the udon was perfectly chewy.

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Next up, the Italian mains, of which there are three. (You can actually tell the waiter the specific main courses you would like, but of course everyone asks for all of them. There are also a couple of additional mains you can get such as wagyu steak for an additional surcharge but I thought it was unnecessary because there was already so much great good.)

The roasted free range chicken with sauteed spinach was OK, probably one of the weaker dishes because the chicken was free range and hence a little on the tough side, though the flavour itself was fine. The salmon was good but salmon is salmon and to be honest they all generally taste the same to me. The best one of the three was the Masala beef cheek, which has that melt-in-your-mouth texture I enjoy so much. The mashed potato was also fantastic.

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The Japanese main courses were not quite as strong as the Italian ones, but still marvellous. I’m not a big fan of the grilled mackerel, though the prawn tempura was some of the best I’ve had — anywhere. If I wasn’t so full already I probably would have gotten more. The ginger pork was also fairly good but is too common to be a memorable dish.

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Lastly, the dessert platter. We got five items, a coffee creme brulee, a vanilla bean ice cream, a tiramisu, a grapefruit cocktail (which had a bit of champagne, I believe) and a chocolate lava cake. They were all delicious, but the lava cake along with the vanilla ice cream was by far the best. I couldn’t get enough of it. It was just insanely scrumptious.

Overall, Aqua is one of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had in Hong Kong. Or anywhere, for that matter. Elegant atmosphere, tremendous variety (the Japanese and Italian cuisine mixed surprisingly well together) and delicious, high quality food.





Address: 29 & 30 Floors, One Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 3427 2288

Brunch: Weekends 12-3 (reservations recommended)