Musashi Sushi (Kyoto)

April 17, 2013 in Food, Reviews by pacejmiller


Outside Musashi Sushi near the corner of Kawaramachi Sanjo

If you like sushi that is cheap but fresh and tasty, I recommend Musashi Sushi in Kyoto, situated at the corner of Kawaramachi and Sanjo.

It’s one of the most popular and well-known places for kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) in Kyoto, but for whatever reason I never went there when I lived in the city about a decade ago. My old haunt was Kappa Sushi, which is a cheaper, but crappier kaitenzushi joint that offers machine-made sushi and other sides for 100 yen a pop (I believe the price has since been elevated to 105 or 110, inclusive of tax). Musashi Sushi on the other hand, does not have the fancy electronic ordering screens and offers its sushi for 137 yen a plate, but the quality of the hand-made sushi is clearly superior.


Inside Musashi Sushi

Musashi Sushi has a great variety of different sushi, and even if you don’t like raw fish like many people, you can still enjoy a good meal here as they have lots of cooked options. I do eat the raw stuff but I’m not as adventurous as some other people, so I tend to stick to the safer choices.

If there is something you want that isn’t on the menu, just ask one of the waitresses and the chefs will make it for you on the spot. They have English menus, but the selection appears to be a lot smaller than what they really have. You just need to look at the conveyor belt to see this.


Musashi Sushi’s English menu

The first dish I grabbed is one of my all-time favourites, the prawn tempura nigiri, which probably the most popular sushi for non-raw fish eaters.


Here are some more photos of the conveyor belt and the type of stuff they have on offer.



Here are some of the sushi we got. My top sushis for the day were the unagi (eel), which was made fresh and still warm when it melted in my mouth, the seared salmon sushi and the seared scallop sushi. You can ask them to fully cook the seafood if you like, but it just won’t be as nice.


The wasabi is fresh and the tea and sauces are self-serve. Not much more to say except that it’s a fresh meal that guarantees satisfaction and won’t empty your wallet. We had, from memory, a total of 14 plates, which came to 1,918 yen, just AU$19. Now that’s what I call a great deal!


PS: We went during a weekday and it was early, like around 11:30. Apparently the place can get packed during peak hours, so plan accordingly.


Musashi Sushi

Address: Kawaramachi-dōri Nakagyō-ku Sanjō agaru (corner of Kawaramachi and Sanjo)

Phone: 075 222-0634

Hours: 11am-10pm

Price: 137 yen a plate