Health has been an issue…

September 20, 2012 in Blogging, Misc by pacejmiller

Unfortunately it’s not just Saturday, but also Friday and Monday fever for me.

People always say health is everything, but you don’t really appreciate it until some illness strikes you down.

I could have played an extra on the set of The Walking Dead (without the need for makeup) for the past week or so after having been struck down by something I would have equated with demonic possession had I not been so fatigued and run-down from a lack of rest. Fighting off one fever another another is never a great feeling, especially when there is supposed to be work to attend and stuff to be done. It’s times like these that I begin to appreciate the relatively good health I’ve had up until now, and regret that I didn’t do more with it.

It’s been a bizarre year for me. Physically, I’ve never been fitter, having for the first time in my life gotten dedicated to a routine of moderate to intense exercise six days a week for almost an entire year (I no longer have that one hellish day of 2.5-hour pickup basketball or 1-hour league basketball a week that I miss so much, but on average I’m killing it).

On the other hand, primarily due to the sleep deprivation and shocking sleep quality from looking after a baby, I have gotten sick more times this year than any other in recent memory. Counting the most recent debacle I believe that’s seven colds/flus (including five fevers) this year, and we’re still in September! That’s probably as many as I’ve had over the last five or six years — in total.

But what can you do? Whenever things start looking up something else unexpected brings me down. All you can do is make the most of every moment as it is happening, I guess. That and try to get some sleep while you can.

I still have 34 movies to review (just counted). Better get to it.