I’m back, and I’m looking for motivation

June 6, 2012 in Blogging, On Writing, Parenting by pacejmiller

It’s been around 2 weeks since I last posted, a pretty darn long, lousy hiatus by my standards.

I kind of have a good reason for not posting, apart from being lazy, that is. I’ve been sick for about just as long. First it was your run-of-the-mill flu, or so it seemed. Very sore throat, runny rose, that “sick” feeling. Things gradually got better, until Saturday, when I inexplicably came down with a fever. That lasted a while, and it turned out to be a vicious stomach virus that has forced me to live on a diet suited to a rabbit monk. On the bright side, I lost so much weight and belly fat that I ended up with abs! Forget about all the crunches and core exercises — all you need is very serious gastro.

On a more serious note, this killer virus is kinda still hanging around. I’ve gone back to normal eating today, but the wife is still struggling. It’s hard to get better when you haven’t had a decent nights sleep in about 5 months. Oh, and luckily, despite the all the crap that we’ve been through the last couple of weeks, the baby has been healthy. Thank goodness.

But the truth is, notwithstanding the health issues, I’ve had time to write. I just haven’t. I realized I’ve been lacking in motivation lately. First of all, I write every day at work. It’s not the same as the creative stuff I want to do, but it does take a fair bit of energy out of me. I’ve also done a little freelance translating work in the last few days, plus a book review for a publication. I did these things, however, because I had to, not because of any burning desire.

And so I ask myself. What is going on? I’ve still got literally several dozens of posts to be written. My restaurant and movie reviews are backed up by about 4 or 5 months. I’ve got a zillion books I should be reading, books I actually want to read. My writing projects are dying to be worked on. And yet I haven’t been doing any of these things. To be fair, I have been busy with work and a rapidly growing baby and all (who makes me want to hug and kiss him all day), but am I getting too comfortable for my own good? Am I happy just going on like this and letting my personal goals sit idle for god knows how many more years?

I guess ultimately, it’s a matter of priorities. I have the time, or at least I know I can make the time. I just need the motivation to get into it. Hopefully, this post is a start. I intend to go on a blitz very soon and rekindle some of that fire I know is champing at the bit to be relit. Letsth do it.