Bellini Pasta Pasta (Taipei)

May 13, 2012 in Food, Reviews, Taiwan, Travel by pacejmiller

This Bellini Pasta Pasta is at the Xinyi Vieshow cinemas

Italian restaurants are a dime a dozen in Taipei, and a lot of them look exactly the same, so it’s very easy to end up at a place that’s simply not very good. Bellini Pasta Pasta, however, is not one of those restaurants. The restaurant is part of the Humax Asia group that also owns Momo Paradise, so you know it’s gotta be pretty good.

We went there after watching some movie I must have reviewed about four months ago (that’s how far I am behind in my food reviews). The restaurant has a lot of options, including set menus for two and four people. We went with the “Couple Set” below but they also have an a la carte menu

The Couple Set

The Party Menu

With the Couple Set you get two salads, two soups, two beverages, two desserts, a pizza and a pasta — all for which is NT$890 + 10% surcharge. It’s not exactly cheap but it’s not expensive either, and for the quality and taste it’s a great deal.

Inside the restaurant

Check out the food photos.

Surprisingly good salad with croutons, cheese and a fruity dressing

Vegetable soup and cream chowder

The BBQ chicken and pineapple pizza -- looks as good as it tastes!


Spicy tomato shrimp pasta

Cheese cake...mmm

And of course, the tiramisu!

The photos speak for themselves but I have to say that Bellini Pasta Pasta (supposedly the double “pasta” represents the doubling of the joy from eating the food??) is definitely one of the better Italian restaurants I’ve been to in Taiwan. Everything was of at least above average quality, with the stand outs being the salad, pizza and the desserts. The service and the ambience were also top class. You can probably find better pizza, pasta and desserts elsewhere,  but not many can offer all three at such a high level.

8.5 out of 10!

PS: They offer breakfast (brunch) and afternoon tea as well.


Bellini Pasta Pasta

Website (full menu): (Chinese)

Includes — Xinyi Vieshow Cinemas (level 2), Fuxing Rd Breeze Center (ground floor), Taipei Main Station Q Square (level 4), Zhongxiao Rd Bisto 98 (level 4) (Note different stores have different opening hours)