Patisserie La Douceur (Taipei)

January 22, 2012 in Best Of, Food, Reviews, Taiwan, Travel by pacejmiller

We were walking around the Yong Kang Street area a couple of months ago on a rainy evening when we stumbled across a fine looking French patisserie called La Douceur.  Even though we only just had dinner, the uber enticing cakes on display lured us in.

Judging from the diplomas on the wall I assume the chef learned his or craft in France, where the big shots of pastry making are.  They certainly looked as good as anything I’ve seen in Europe.

I’ll stop typing now and just let the photos speak for themselves.

This is the "Tahiti" -- looks like a chocolate macaron but it's actually berry flavoured with vanilla mousse!

Of course, the chestnut flavoured Mont Blanc

A big cup of light, frothy coffee!

We didn't get these chocolate goodies as some bastard pre-ordered them all, but damn they look good

The coffee was good and the cakes were sensational.  The Mont Blanc was up there amongst the best I’ve had (and I’m not even much of a chestnut guy) and the Tahiti was refreshingly different.  I loved the sourness of the berries and the light sweetness of the vanilla mousse.  A perfect combo.

Can’t wait to go back there and test out the rest of their delicious cakes and macarons (you can check them out here).


Patisserie La Douceur

Address: No. 223 JinHua St, Daan District, Taipei

Nearest MRT Station: Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall or Guting (a bit of a walk though).

Phone: (02) 33222833

Opening Hours: 1pm-9pm (Fridays and Saturdays till 10pm)