Random Funny Movie Scenes

January 17, 2012 in Blogging, Entertainment by pacejmiller

Didn’t feel like working this morning and couldn’t sleep, so instead I decided to check out YouTube videos of some of my favourite scenes from comedies I’ve seen over the years.

First up, the most recent comedy I’ve seen, 30 Minutes or Less.  The film was better than expected and featured a couple of great scenes involving Michael Pena.  This is my favourite one of him meeting Jesse Eisenberg’s character to pick up the cash payment for killing Danny McBride’s dad.  In exchange, Eisenberg is expecting a secret code which will disarm the bomb strapped to his body.

Next up, my favourite scene from Pulp Fiction, where Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta head to Quentin Tarantino’s house after accidentally shooting Marvin in the head in the back of their car.  As bad of an actor Tarantino is, this is by far his best performance.

While we’re on Tarantino, here’s my favourite scene (the tipping scene) from his debut classic, Reservoir Dogs. Naturally, it features Mr Pink, Steve Buscemi.

Speaking of the great Buscemi, two of my favourite scenes from one of my favourite movies of all time, Fargo.  The first features Buscemi and Peter Stromare’s characters driving in a car on the way to kidnap William H Macy’s wife.  The second is Buscemi trying to get out of paying $4 at a parking lot.  There’s actually another scene I really like, the one where Buscemi confronts Stromare after getting shot in the face, but I can’t seem to find it in English!

Last but not least, a scene from Hot Rod, which is really quite an awful film, but I had a good time with it, especially this tribute to Footloose.

What a waste of my time…