1885 Burger Store (Taipei)

December 19, 2011 in Food, Reviews, Taiwan, Travel by pacejmiller

Taipei has a surprising number of burger joints, and I am determined to try them all.  According to my research, one of the ‘must tries’ is 1885 Burger Store, located near the Shida Night Markets.  The store is standalone and spacious, with US cafe-style decorations, comfy lounges and wooden tables and chairs.  It is almost always packed, and in peak times expect long waits.

Named after the apparent birth year of the hamburger, 1885 has a varied menu of over 20 burgers split into “Hand Made” and “Special Made” burgers.  Almost all burgers have cheese, and while some are your run-of-the-mill type burgers (Swiss Cheese, Cheddar Cheese), there are also some jumbo burgers (Jumbo Double Cheese Burger, BBQ Pineapple Cheese Burger) and more unique burgers you might not see elsewhere (Special Jam Burger, Smoked Salmon Havarti Cheese Burger, Mexican Tartar Cheese Burger).  The burgers all come with fries and price range is between NT$130 and 340, though most are roughly around NT$200.

On this day, we ordered the Mushroom Cheese Burger (NT$210) with extra honey mustard sauce on the side, plus a BBQ Chicken Burger.

Both burgers were very good.

For the Mushroom Cheese we chose a square bread roll.  There was fresh lettuce on the bottom and melted cheese on top of the thick beef patty, topped with chopped mushrooms.  The honey mustard didn’t really go with it for some reason but that’s my fault.

For the BBQ Chicken (grilled), we chose a wholemeal burger bun.  The chicken was drenched in thick BBQ sauce and the chicken breast was surprisingly tender and juicy.

Extra lettuce, tomato and Spanish onion rings, as well as pickled gherkins, are placed on the side for those who are selective about their vegetables.  Noticeably, there is no sauce in the burger unless otherwise specified.  Each table has its own tomato sauce and mustard, which you can squeeze to your heart’s content.

The fries were a highlight.  The photo is deceptive as the bucket looks deep, but it’s a lot shallower than it appears.  That said, the fries were magnificent — piping hot and super crunchy, with just the right amount of salt and spices.

On the whole a very pleasurable experience and it’s easy to see why 1885 Burger Store is such a popular place.  I have had better elsewhere but given the variety and the overall quality of the burgers and the awesome fries, it’s a burger joint I will definitely revisit some time in the future.

8 out of 10!


1885 Burger Store

Website: http://www.1885burgerstore.com/

Address: No. 24-1 Pucheng Street, Da’an District, Taipei (Nearest MRT: Taipower Building Exit 3)

Phone: (02) 2367-8258

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs — 11:00-22:00; Friday — 11:00-23:00; Saturday — 9:30-23:00; Sunday — 9:30-22:00