Teishoku 8 (Taipei)

November 22, 2011 in Food, Reviews, Taiwan, Travel by pacejmiller

Typical menu from Teishoku 8

Meal sets (“teishoku” in Japanese).  Japanese cuisine.  What a combo.   That’s what’s offered by Teishoku 8 (定食8) in Taiwan — eight set meals, to be exact.

The menu changes on a regular basis, but true to its name, Teishoku 8 always offers eight sets to choose from (in addition to some a la carte dishes) and they all cost NT$200 each.  Each set comes with salad, rice, cabbage, soup and a few mini dishes such as pickles.  The rice, cabbage and miso soup are also unlimited refill.

Another interesting nugget is that Teishoku 8 prides itself on fast and efficient service — if they take longer than 15 minutes to serve your food, you get your next meal there free.  Don’t get your hopes up though — there is a reason why they have such an offer — because they are confident they’ll never have to pay up.

On this particular evening we went with the teriyaki beef set and the teriyaki chicken set.  I know, two teriyaki sets, but I like teriyaki and the other options were either deep fried (hard to avoid in Taiwan) or not as inspiring.  I heard they had really good eel (unagi) sets but it was out of season and they no longer served it.

Teriyaki Beef Set

Teriyaki Chicken Set

Other available meal sets included tempura prawn, pork cheese katsu, tempura prawn udon + sushi, grilled mackerel, sashimi donburi and fish + katsu.

When you order, the waiter gives you a receipt with the time of your order on it and their deadline for delivering the meal, and on the back wall is a digital clock.  I got a little excited after about 8 minutes, but sadly the meals arrived before the 10 minute mark.  Damn their efficiency.

NT$200 for a meal set is considered pretty decent in Taiwan.  It’s not as cheap as the roadside vendors or traditional cheap eats, but for Japanese cuisine in a restaurant where you get unlimited refills it’s a great deal.  No wonder why the place is jam packed during lunch hour.

However, considering the price and the speed with which the food is delivered, you can’t afford to be too picky about the quality of the meal.  The two meal sets we got at Teishoku 8 were okay.  The teriyaki beef, which was thick, rubbery and difficult to chew through, though the flavour was not bad.  The chicken was better, tender and juicy, about the same level as a regular Japanese joint in Sydney — except about a third of the price.

Ultimately, Teishoku 8 is the type of place you’d go for a fast, relatively economic meal where the food is least acceptable and occasionally pretty good.  Unfortunately, given that there are lots of fast, relatively economic places to eat in Taiwan out there, many of which offer better food, Teishoku 8 doesn’t stand out very much.  That said, it’ll be good enough for some people most of the time.

7 out of 10!


Teishoku 8 (定食8)

Website: http://sushiexpress.com.tw/teishoku8/index.php

Locations: 8 stores in Taipei — for contact details and addresses check the website.

Opening Hours: 11am-9:30pm

Price: NT$200 per person (no service charge)