Tasty Steak House (Taiwan)

November 15, 2011 in Food, Reviews, Taiwan, Travel by pacejmiller

Western-style steak houses that have become very popular in Taiwan, and Tasty is one of the most successful, with 13 and counting franchises in Taipei city alone.  For a very reasonable price (NT$499 + 10% service charge) you can get a set meal including an appetizer, an antipasto, soup, a main dish (like a steak or chicken or fish), dessert and a beverage.

I had been to Tasty before and considered it quite pleasant, but for whatever reason always forgot to bring my camera.  This time, I finally remembered.

This particular Tasty is on Nanjing East Road, and while I assume the decor of each store is slightly different, this one was clean and modern with plenty of booths and comfy seats.  The menu is pretty standard — you more or less have to have the set meal, and you must choose one of each course.  Some courses only have a couple of options, and since we went in a group of 4, we got to sample quite a variety.

There are too many food photos so I have grouped them into galleries/slide shows.

First up, the appetizers.

We got both options: shrimps and asparagus and the fresh seasonal vegetables (fish tartar and fruit jelly).

Both were very good.  The shrimp and asparagus came with this tangy curry yoghurt sauce which was just right, and the fish tartar and fruit jelly complemented each other well.  An auspicious start.

Secondly, the antipasti.

Again, we got both available options, the baked mushroom with garlic and cheese plus toast, and the Danish pastry baked with beef.

To be honest I was starting to get a little full after the second course, which was excellent but on the heavier side due to all the cheese and cream.

Thirdly, the salads.

We went with all four options: the fresh shrimp and potato salad, the fruit salad, the Romaine hearts salad and fruit jelly tower.

All good, especially the shrimp and potato salad, which was my favourite.  The fruit jelly tower was pretty and and tasty.

Fourth, the soups.

We got the Italian seafood soup, the cream chowder, and the chicken and mushroom soup.

None of the soups really stood out for me.  But then again, they came as part of a large set, so I didn’t expect much.

Then before the mains we got a little palette cleanser called a sawa, which is essentially a fruity vinegar shot.

Finally, the mains.

We got a fish + steak combo, a chicken and a steak.

The mains were, I must say, better than I thought they would be.  Usually when you get a piece of meat at a restaurant like this it’s not particularly good, but at Tasty both the chicken and steak were tender and juicy and the fish was crispy and moist on the inside.  A pleasant surprise.

For dessert, we got the French creme brulee, the panna cotta and the chocolate cake.


They all looked good but for true appreciators of dessert I admit Tasty‘s were average at best.  The highlight was the creme brulee.

In summary, Tasty lives up to its name — while nothing was ‘wow’, you do get lots of variety, every dish was solid, and you do get decent bang for your buck.  I’d recommend it for group gatherings and for the times you feel ravenous.

7.5 out of 10!


To find the nearest store to you, check out the website here (it’s in Chinese but a simple Google translation will give you what you need), which includes addresses, maps, opening hours, phone numbers and directions from the relevant MRT station.