Arrested Development is coming back, baby!

October 3, 2011 in Entertainment, Misc by pacejmiller

I think I just blew my mind.  I just hope they haven’t made a big mistake.

In by far the best entertainment news I have heard this year (celeb photo scandals included), one of my favourite shows of all time, Arrested Development, is coming back to the small and will eventually reach the big screen!  In a shock twist, series creator Mitch Hurwitz announced (at the 2011 New Yorker Festival) after years of speculation that the show (which was cancelled in 2006 after three critically successful but commercially unsuccessful seasons) will not only have the big screen send-off foreshadowed by executive producer/narrator Ron Howard in the series finale, but it will also have a 10 episode run in the lead-up to the film to bring everyone up to speed.  It might even be an episode per character.

Yes!  Ten full episodes and a full length feature film!  Every member of the original Bluth family will be back!

The goal is now apparently to start shooting them all together next US summer for an early 2013 release.  Let the new speculations begin.  Will it finally happen as planned?  What will the film and the episodes be about?  Which recurring characters will be returning?  And most of all, will the magic remain alive?

Like many AD fans, I arrived late to the party, having only discovered this utterly brilliant show after its short-lived three-season run.  To me, it’s the most genius comedy series since Seinfeld, and it was a criminal shame that it never really found widespread acceptance until it was too late.  This new series and film will hopefully reward old fans and new fans alike.

My own personal wishlist?  At least one Gob (Will Arnett) ‘Final Countdown’ sequence.  An ‘Analrapist’ reference or two.  Steve Holt!  Franklin ‘It ain’t easy being white!’ Bluth.  And of course, Barry Zuckerkorn, Lucille 2 and my own personal favourite, Bob Loblaw (‘You don’t need double talk!’).  Annyong, Ann ‘Her?’ Veal, Kitty ‘Spring Break’ Sanchez, Carl Weathers — the list goes on and on.

I am super excited but also slightly wary.  The three seasons of AD was something truly special, and the lack of attention it received certainly played to its advantage.  Will this return stuff things up, or will it add to it?  Either way, I can’t wait to see.

PS: Interestingly, fans were blaming Michael Cera (who plays George Michael Bluth and was present at the announcement) for the delays in the film getting made, but as Hurwitz explained, it was actually an inside joke that got out of hand and that Cera had always been in it from the start.