Balla at ‘The Star’

September 28, 2011 in Food, Reviews by pacejmiller

After almost a billion dollars of gamblers’ money has been ‘reinvested’, the casino formerly known as Star City is now ‘The Star’, and one of its new ‘signature dining’ restaurants is Balla, headed by renowned chef Stefano Manfredi.

By some miracle stroke of good fortune we scored a free meal there and decided to take full advantage, especially because Manfredi became one of our favourite chefs following our visit to his Central Coast restaurant at Bells at Killcare (review of that place here).

I must admit, the newly renovated ‘The Star’ looks pretty darn good in comparison to what it used to be.  It’s clear that they are going for that super upmarket Vegas look judging from the grandeur of the decor and the expensive shops.  And Balla, which only opened in mid-September, has one of the best locations there, right atop the stairs near the theatre and overlooking the water.

It has a spacious interior with an open kitchen and chic modern design, and all the waiters look like they have undergone some serious training.  On this particular evening there were a couple of celebrity sightings (I’m talking at the Home and Away level), but it was good to see the man himself, Mr Manfredi, standing near the entrance to greet guests.  I believe he also personally delivers one dish to each table for the evening, and we were lucky to get the opportunity to congratulate him on the new opening.

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