View of Canberra from Mount Ainslie Lookout

September 5, 2011 in Canberra, Travel by pacejmiller

The Parliamentary Triangle - Parliament House in the centre, the Defense Headquarters on the left and City Hill on the right (near the water fountain). The Australian War Memorial is down the bottom.

Don’t have much time today so here’s a Canberra quickie.

The friendly volunteer lady at the Information Office told us that if we wanted to get a great view of Canberra from afar, in particular the uniquely famous ‘Parliamentary Triangle’ (comprising Parliament House, Defence Headquarters and City Hill — I believe it is isosceles), we had two options: the revolving restaurant Alto at Telstra Tower at Black Mountain to the West, or Mount Ainslie Lookout to the East.

Option one most likely involved a massive and pricey meal, something we weren’t interested in after stuffing ourselves at Brodburger and with an exquisite meal lined up that evening at Aubergine (to be reviewed), so we went with option two — the free and unfilling one.

Mount Ainslie was a short drive from our previous destination, the Australian War Memorial.  Mostly mountainous terrain but it was a leisurely cruise with little traffic.

When we arrived, the lookout point was not particularly busy, with plenty of parking spaces available.  There were a group of noisy kids and a couple of adults doing nothing to stop them from running amok, but just about everyone else was there to take in the beautiful scenery.  There was even an old couple working on their paintings.

Anyway, here are two more photos.

The zoomed out view from Mount Ainslie Lookout. There really isn't much in Canberra, is there?

Most of these buildings to the right of the triangle belong to ANU, Australia's top university, and the building with the little loopy thing at the peak of the strip of land is the Australian National Museum