What the crap is going on?

June 30, 2011 in Blogging, Entertainment, Misc, Movie Reviews, Reviews by pacejmiller

So I get up this morning and, as I do on most days, check my email — and I’m shocked to see there are hundreds of unread emails that aren’t spam!  Turns out, my post on The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time was ‘freshly pressed’ on WordPress (whatever that means).  All I know is that a lot of people have been reading it, liking it and commenting on it.

This is a humble little site that gets around 1000 hits a day, so I sincerely thank everyone for visiting and taking their time to comment, even if it’s just to say it’s the worst piece of crap they have ever come across.

I don’t have time to respond to each comment, so what I’ve done is reconsider my list based on the comments made and made an addition list of films that probably should have made the list (maybe not top 20, but on some list measuring rewatchability) but I missed for whatever reason.  Here’s another 30 super rewatchable films, in no particular order.

1. The Princess Bride — definitely my bad on missing this super classic.  I’ve only watched it twice but agree it has the qualities of a highly rewatchable film.

2. Aliens — ‘Get away from her, you bitch!’ — yes, I have seen this one many times and it’s still my favourite of the franchise.  Even the super long director’s cut is highly rewatchable.

3. Titanic — I admit, I saw this three times at the cinema, and I wasn’t even a teenage girl with a Leo crush (though I did have a Winslet crush — my friend and I had a heated debate over whether Kate showed fuzz in the infamous sketch scene).  So I agree that it has a high rewatchability quotient but I can’t bear to watch it any more, fuzz or not.

4. The Sixth Sense — I was surprised too that I didn’t put this on the list.  And it’s a strange choice because once you’ve been shocked by the ending once and rewatched it once to make sure it all made sense, there’s not much left to rewatch.  And yet I have seen this film many times.  Probably to try and forget that M Night ever made Lady in the Water.

5. Mallrats — thanks to whoever brought that one up.  ‘Snoochie boochies!’

6. Sneakers —  how did I ever miss this one?  One of my favourite movies growing up, and I still love it every time they have it on TV.

7. The Neverending Story — ahhh…Jonathan Brandis RIP.  I never got into the franchise like a lot of other kids did but I agree it deserves to be on the list.

8. Speed — the film, that is, is highly addictive.  Probably one of the best action films of the post-Die Hard generation.  Someone said the films must be first watchable in order to be rewatchable — I guess I’d put Speed 2 in that category.

9. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure — ‘Socrates!’  I am a big Bill and Ted fan and I am excited to have heard somewhere that they are making a new one?  Hilarious just thinking about it, though I have no doubt Keanu will slip right back in.

10. Groundhog Day — absolutely a rewatchable film that I have watched many times.  Amazing considering how many times we have to watch Bill Murray do the same thing over and over.

11. Home Alone — can’t believe this one slipped my mind.  The old man gets to me every time.

12. The Mighty Ducks — I think the first one was called Champions in some parts of the world, but nonetheless, made every kid want to play ice hockey.  I watched it at least half a dozen times and only recently realised that Joshua Jackson was the main kid.

13. The Goonies — one of my faves growing up and still is.  A rare, magical film for kids (and adults).  I want to watch it again right now.

14. Gremlins — of course!  Why don’t they make films like these any more (excluding remakes, that is)?

15. The Breakfast Club — ‘Don’t you, forget about me…’ and yet I forgot about it.  Judd Nelson.  ‘Nuff said.

16. Dead Poets Society — can’t believe I omitted this one.  My sister’s Ethan Hawke crush ensured multiple viewings of this one.  I wish I had teachers that made me want to stand up on desks.

17. Planes, Trains and Automobiles — very very underrated comedy and one of those I caught on TV one night and fell in love with.  I always read the instructions on vomit bags these days whenever I fly.

18. Top Gun — someone very rightly pointed out that this should have been on the list.  I concur.  Though every time I watch it I am more convinced that they are all gay.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

19. Pride and Prejudice — the 2005 version with Kiera Knightley — put this one in for my wife.  We just watched it again the other night and it still makes me cringe.  Damn you Jane Austen for such fine, corny, goosebump-inducing dialogue.

20. The Notebook — I’m man enough to admit I loved this film (or is that not man enough?).  I put this in the Titanic category, one of those films that people watch over and over because they wish they had that kind of love in their lives.

21. Clueless — only because I used to have a massive crush on Alicia Silverstone.  Man did she fail to live up to her potential.  Who could have guessed that Paul Rudd and Brittany Murphy (RIP) would end up being the biggest stars from this film?

22. The Professional (Leon) — only because I used to have a massive crush on Natalie Portman.  Still do.

23. Forrest Gump — yeah, why the heck not.  I guess subconsciously I’m just still made at it for beating Shawshank (and just about everything else) at the Oscars that year.

24. Gladiator — my dad’s favourite movie to rewatch.  Every time it’s on TV he either forces us to watch with him or calls me up to let me know it’s on.

25. Field of Dreams — better than Waterworld.

26. Love Actually — I’ve only seen it once but every woman between the ages of 15 and 65 keeps telling me how much they love to rewatch it.

27. Predator — definitely belongs in the list.  Makes me want to forget all the Aliens vs Predators movies.

28. Pretty Woman — yeah, I’d watch it again if it popped up on TV.  The first time I saw it I didn’t really understand what Julia Roberts was doing (too young) but in multiple rewatches since then I’ve gotten a better idea, but it’s also made me realise what a creep Richard Gere is, which destroys some of the charm.

29. Office Space — someone mentioned ‘The Office’, but I think they may have been referring to this one.  I’ve seen this little gem at least three times and still makes me smile when I think about it.

30. Wayne’s World — last but not least.  I’m a douche for forgetting this one.  I should have myself a ‘Cream of Some Young Guy’.

Reasons for not adding certain other films that probably should be on it:

Lord of the Rings — loved the trilogy but it was too long.  Once was enough for me.

Star Wars films — I understand the obsession but I’m too young for that generation.

The Godfather films — ditto.

Harry Potter films — ditto except I’m too old for that generation.

Ferris Bueller — as a film buff I am ashamed to admit that I’ve never seen it!  And someone even called me Ferris at work for my inability to get into trouble.  Putting it on the list of ‘movies to watch’ right now.

Dirty Dancing — I put this baby in the corner.