Whisk: Shanghai’s Chocolate Heaven

June 28, 2011 in China, Food, Reviews, Travel by pacejmiller

I will neither confirm nor deny that immediately after a massive meal at the Japanese restaurant Haiku (review here), we went to Whisk, an amazing chocolate dessert place (which has other things like sandwiches, pastas and risottos) in Shanghai.

What I will confirm though is that Whisk is indeed divine.  We didn’t have any of the hot food but we did order some of their splendid chocolate desserts.  For the most part, the hype is justified.  Whisk’s chocolate cakes and desserts are spectacular — delicate, full of flavour, but not overly sweet.

We ordered a tiramisu, a chocolate cake, a hot chocolate (with different levels of darkness) and some kind of molten chocolate brulee thingy that was heavenly.  Even though we may or may not have been stuffed from dinner, we polished them off without any troubles.  I mean, seriously.  Take a look at the slideshow.

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The shop is kind of tucked away in a lane off Huai Hai Middle Road (near the intersection with Hua Ting Road), across the road from exit 2 of the Chang Shu Subway Station.  Despite its appearance from the outside, the cafe is actually very spacious on the inside, with plenty of tables for patrons (though from I understand, it’s not unusual to have to line up during busy times).  Nothing extravagant but nice and cosy, including some comfy booths we took full advantage of after a long day.  What I noticed immediately upon walking in is that most of the customers were predominantly foreigners.  After all, the place isn’t considered particularly cheap by local standards (I think roughly around 35RMB for a dessert?)

We didn’t spend a whole lot of time at Whisk but it was a great time.  It reminded me a little of the Max Brenner and Lindt stores in Australia but Whisk has a homier feel and their desserts might even be a step above (well, at least Max Brenner’s).

PS: the business card states that the cafe’s website is www.whiskcafe.com.cn, but whenever I’ve tried it it’s come back as an invalid host name.