Hangzhou’s Qiantang River

June 10, 2011 in China, Travel by pacejmiller

Qiantang River and the Qiantang River Bridge on a very calm day

I’m back with the China posts, and I promise this time I’ll keep up the momentum till the end!

After visiting Leifeng Pagoda, the driver took us around to have a quick look at Hangzhou’s famous Qiantang River.  To me, it looked like just a normal body of water, but Qiantang River is legendary in China for its amazing tides, leading to many myths and folk stories about it.

According to my research, Qiantang River has a unique gravitational pull, and combined with the bottleneck shape of the Hangzhou Bay, makes it easy for water to come in back difficult for it to go back out.

The tide really hits its stride once a year around the 15th-18th of the August, and millions of people flock to witness the thunderous 30-foot waves.  Apparently there is an annual ‘Tide-Watching Festival’, which has gone on for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Unfortunately, we didn’t go at the right time, but if the opportunity arose again, I would love to check out the waves.  I wonder if anyone has ever tried to surf them.