Quick update: China is crazy!

March 15, 2011 in Blogging, Misc, Social/Political Commentary, Travel by pacejmiller

Just a quick one on my iPad from my hotel in Hangzhou in China. It’s been a crazy few days and I will have a lot more coming — not just my amazing travels here in China, but also plenty of stuff on movies I’ve seen, books I’ve read and am reading and will read, and of course the developments on my major writing project.

But most of all, my upcoming posts will be about China. I was last here about 15 years ago and boy has this place changed. A few culture shock moments still but so far it’s been mostly a very pleasant surprise. I have a few more days here to go but tomorrow I will be heading back to Shanghai where I should have better internet access and hopefully more time to write!

Can’t wait! Stay tuned, lots of amazing posts and photos to come!

PS: By the way, just discovered this. It appears WordPress is blocked in China, but luckily I can still post through the WordPress app on my iPad! Or can I? Not like I can check!