Game Review: The Fight (Lights Out) (PS3 Move)

December 28, 2010 in Game Reviews by pacejmiller

Let me just get this out of the way first — The Fight (marketed without Lights Out in the title in Australia) is a good game.  It has been panned by many gaming websites and critics as a horrible game to showcase the capabilities of the PS3 Move, getting some woeful ratings.  While there are undeniably some problems with the game, for hardcore fight gamers, The Fight can be fun, strangely addictive, and an extrordinarily excellent workout.  The game is probably the closest thing to a real fighting simulation out there at the moment.  Those so-called critics who say the game is unresponsive and has poor controls are probably fat slobs who can’t be bothered getting off their lazy butts.

As a fighting fan, I had high expectations for this game.  I had a good time with games on the Nintendo Wii such as Wii Sports Boxing and Victorious Boxers Challenge (Revolution), but the lack of movement control on the Wii made the games frustrating, and once you figured out how to cheat the system, the games became far too easy and didn’t require ‘real’ movements (ie you can flick your wrists as opposed to using fully extended punches).

The PS3 Move is supposed to overcome this problem with ‘perfect’ 1:1 tracking, which not only capture’s hand movements, but also head movement and importantly, depth.  In other words, you actually need to move your body to play the game, punch where the opponent is standing (relative to where you are), and how far you punch depends on how far you extend your arms.

For the  most part, The Fight offers what is promised.  In terms of motion capturing, the PS3 Move blows the Wii out of the water.  Without having tried the XBox360’s Kinect, I can’t really say if the Move is the best on the market, but from what I hear, Kinect’s fighting game offering, Fighters Uncaged, has been rated even worse than The Fight.

Anyway, check out the review after the jump.  I’ll try my best to tackle all the complaints that have been hurled at this game, and discuss whether they are legitimate or not.

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