NBA 2K11 or NBA Elite 2011?

September 8, 2010 in Basketball, Boxing, Game Reviews, NBA by pacejmiller

[Update: To read my thoughts on the NBA 2K11 demo (with a few thoughts on Elite thrown in), click here, and to read about my thoughts on the NBA Elite 2011 demo (with a few thoughts on 2K thrown in), click here]

Still early days…well, not really.  We’re about a month away from the release of the games (5 October 2010), and so far there has been surprisingly little information released on both NBA 2K11 and NBA Elite 2011 (formerly the ‘Live’ franchise).

We know NBA 2K11 is bringing back Michael Jordan (personally not that excited about it but I know a lot of fanboys are spraying their baggy shorts) and a bunch of legendary teams from the past.  We know they still have essentially the same control system plus a slightly revamped My Player Mode (with press conferences where you can choose how you want to answer questions — not sure about how good of an idea this is — if there isn’t enough variety it could get old in a hurry).  Apart from that, the game looks and feels very much like NBA 2K10, which was excellent and in my opinion better than NBA Live 2010.

As for NBA Elite 2011, everything is changing.  Apparently they are revamping the game from the ground up, and the biggest thing they’ve got is the new hands-0n controls that allow you do control every move on the court.  It’s also got, supposedly, real-life physics, ‘real’ AI (are they suggesting all the AI before was fake?) and some new ‘Be a Pro’ mode, which is a subtle rip-off of My Player, but involves you trying to become ‘Legendary’ (I suppose like Fight Night Round 4).  And the big bonus — it will allow access to three modes of the long-awaited return of one of the greatest basketball games ever, NBA Jam!

Looking at the visuals, the fluidity and sheer awesomeness of the moves, I’d probably still say 2K has the edge at the moment, though Elite does intrigue me with its new control system.  If 2K thinks it can just throw in Michael Jordan and basically keep everything else the same (we haven’t really heard of any actual gameplay improvements), then they might be in trouble this year — or at least they ought to be.  I like the fact that these two franchises are competing and keeping each other in check.

I’m not going to post the trailers because NBA Elite 2011 hasn’t posted a proper one yet, and the stuff that’s out there at the moment makes the game look pretty awful in comparison to NBA 2k11, which I don’t believe is fair.

HOWEVER, when looking for some gameplay photos I found this beauty from the EA Sports website (they make NBA Elite).  Well, I think the caption just about says it all…these EA guys clearly have no idea what they are doing when it comes to basketball…

For those who can't see the caption it says: 'Kevin Durant sets up for a three pointer'...well done EA!

We’re in real trouble.