Observations at the movies

August 15, 2010 in Entertainment, Movie Reviews, Technology by pacejmiller

I went to see The Expendables yesterday (review below) at Hoyts, which has this new concept called Xtremescreen — I suppose created as a challenge to Event Cinemas’ (formerly Greater Union’s) VMax.  It’s all a bit of a scam really.  Supposedly bigger screens, more comfy seats and better sound — things that audiences should get for free anyway, but instead they have to fork out a premium for them.

The good thing for Xtremescreen, at least, is that using cheap-ass movie money, we didn’t have to pay an extra cent (though on the Hoyts website it says you need to pay a $1.50 surcharge).  The screen was no bigger than it used to be, but the sound was louder and the leather seats were not too bad (at least easier to clean).

Anyway, when we were about to get our tickets ripped, this couple went up to the teenage attendant and asked what movie, out of everything that was showing, he recommended.

I could have bet my house (if I owned one) that the kid would say Inception, but instead he said Step Up 3D!

Okay, fine, he likes dancing, but the couple were two morbidly obese, unkempt people dressed in stained grey sweaters and track pants.  Somehow I don’t think they were big dance fans.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the coming attractions.  I want to know what’s coming out but I don’t want to find out too much or learn the entire plot in advance.  And you know they love to put in all the best bits in there.

Yesterday we got the trailer for Dinner for Schmucks (Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell), The Other Guys (Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg) and Piranha 3D.

I’m a big fan of Rudd, but Dinner for Schmucks looks pretty awful.  Very hit and miss, and judging from the trailer, more misses than hits.  The Other Guys looks more promising, with potentially more hits and misses.  Of course, it could be just the quality of the respective trailers.

As for Piranha 3D, I wouldn’t even know where to begin!  What an obvious rip-off of the classic film Frankenfish! (Just kidding, I’ve never seen Frankenfish but I always thought it was a cool name for a movie).  Anyway, it’s a Jaws homage with a bunch of really badly animated piranhas.  And to top things off, it’s in 3D, which I am totally over.  I’m sick of having to fork out the price of a small meal for a pair of really uncomfortable glasses and with a good chance that the 3D effects really suck and don’t add anything to the movie experience.  Bring back 2D, I say.