Spain wins World Cup, I’m totally stuffed

July 11, 2010 in Sport by pacejmiller

I can’t remember the last time I voluntarily stayed up practically all night for non-work purposes.

I can no longer type coherently after Spain downed the Netherlands 1-0 in the World Cup Final during extra time.  My eyes!  My eyes!

Here are some brief, random thoughts.

1. People really get geared up for the soccer (sorry, football), don’t they?

2. The first half was really boring — I typed up an entire post on Lebron James during the first half.

3. The SBS commentators were clearly pro-Spain, to the extent that it annoyed me.  I don’t think anyone from the Netherlands cares how “beautiful” their team plays.  This is the World Cup Final.  You do what you can to get the win.

4. You really need to root for a team to get into a soccer match.  I had a vague interest in Netherlands because a friend I had dinner with last night mistakenly put money on them after his girlfriend told him she thought Paul (or Paulo) the prophetic Octopus picked them (but it had actually picked Spain, giving the eight-legged freak a perfect record in the World Cup!).

5. I love how animated the players get at the referee with all the fabulous close-talking.  You have to feel sorry for the Dutch though.  There were definitely some botched calls in this one.

6. I wish I put money on Spain.


Defending Lebron’s decision and pondering how good the Heat will be

July 11, 2010 in Basketball, NBA by pacejmiller

I still don’t condone what Lebron James did when he announced he will be taking his talent to South Beach, but now that the dust has settled a little, I am beginning to get a different perspective.

Yes, I am going to defend Lebron’s decision.  Not the way he declared it to the world, but ultimately, leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers is a good decision.

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