Update: Let the Writing Begin!!…Maybe…

June 14, 2010 in Blogging, On Writing, Study, Travel by pacejmiller

Just a quick one.

My assessments are all completed and I am now a free man for quite a number of weeks.  Lots of fun and exciting stuff happening, beginning with a trip to India (to attend wedding) and a stopover in Hong Kong on the way back.  Looking forward to adding more travel and food posts to my blog.

Also almost finished reading Lolita, an amazing book.  Have a couple more lined up that I hope to finish during the trip (if time allows).

Began writing again for Bleacher Report and just did one on the 10 most underrated draft prospects.  Knocked it up in a couple of hours, have to admit it was pretty crap!

Hopefully will get a lot more time to write too after I get back if not during this trip!  Can’t wait.  Lots of projects in the works!