Finding My Writing Style: Clean

June 6, 2010 in On Writing, Study by pacejmiller

One thing I have been trying to do during this course is to try and develop a particular writing style.  A style that’s distinctive and one that I feel comfortable with.  Perhaps it stems from my fear of being “discovered” as an untalented writer, but I’ve been trying to write in a clear and straightforward manner — not use any unnecessary big or “flowery” words or clutter the narrative with too many descriptions.  Get to the point.  No wasting time or mucking around, I guess.

Since adopting this approach, in two separate classes, two lecturers reviewing two different pieces of my writing have said that my narrative writing style is “clean”.  I don’t exactly know what that means.  Is “clean” just another word for “shit”?

Both narrative pieces have been short stories, so I’m not sure if this style will translate nicely to a longer piece, like say a novel.

Another bit of constructive feedback I received is that I still have a tendency to over-explain things.  Sometimes I worry that a reader won’t understand the point that I am trying to get through, so I end up spelling out the meaning for them, or add in an extra line of dialogue just to make sure it’s clear.  My lecturer tells me it’s about having more confidence in the intelligence of my reader, but I think it’s about having more confidence in my ability to get a point across.