Noisy Neighbours and Crazy Dogs

April 17, 2010 in Entertainment, Social/Political Commentary by pacejmiller

We have new neighbours next door.  They seem like nice folks, but two things are driving us crazy.

The first is the early morning renovations.  Over the last couple of weeks, they have hired workmen to do some serious home improvements, inside and out.  I’m talking new windows, new brick fence out front, new glass fence out back, new gardens, new exterior walls, and some new “party area” in the backyard (with roof and all).

Every Saturday, without fail, some dude starts banging away at around 7am in the morning.  Constant, loud, and just when you think it’s over, it starts all over again.  The area we live in has ridiculously good acoustics.   I’m sure you can hear it down the other end of the street.  Not such a huge problem during the week when we get up early anyway, but on the weekend?  Not very cool.  And the weirdest thing is that it only goes on till for about an hour and a half, after which it is impossible to fall back asleep.  Why not say do it from 10am till 11:30am?  Or even 9am till 10:30am?

There’s nothing that stuffs me up more than a poor night’s rest, especially on a Friday night.  You know that awful feeling you get in the morning when you don’t get enough sleep and it screws you up for the rest of the day (and possibly the entire weekend)?  That’s how I feel right now.

The second is their crazy dog.  It’s one of those little ones that’s all bark and no bite.  But this one is ALL bark.  And every weekday morning, without fail, the dog wakes me up between 6 and 6:30am (I usually get up at 7am).  It goes on some bizarre barking fit for about 10 minutes (solid), and then silence for pretty much the rest of the day.  On weekends I think they keep him indoors, but then there’s the renovations to wake us up anyway.

The dog barks exactly like this:

I’m not a confrontational guy, but what is the correct etiquette here?  There are no laws being broken here.  The times I specified for the renovations are actually within council regulations.  We’ve waved hello a few times but have never been properly introduced or had a conversation.  The only time I spoke to them was when for some inexplicable reason they parked their car in my driveway and blocked my car in when I needed to drive out (I think they had workers or guests over).  They apologised and I was in a rush so not many words were exchanged.

Should I do this?