Force Yourself to Write with Write or Die!

April 5, 2010 in Novel, On Writing by pacejmiller

One of my readers recently brought to my attention this website called “Write or Die” (created by Dr Wicked)

My biggest problem as a writer is my tendency to procrastinate and self-edit whilst writing.  What Write or Die does is force you to write.  You set yourself a word target and a time limit, the consequences of failing to meet the target within the time, and away you go!

I’ve only used it a couple of times so far, but it really works!  Of course, I had to set realistic targets and limits, but once I did, my productivity went through the roof.  Not much of the stuff I wrote was any good, but at least I am getting words out, writing freely and letting my words take me wherever they want.

I’m hoping Write or Die can help me finish the first drafts of my novels before the end of the year.

Give it a try by clicking on the link above.  You can also purchase a desktop version for 10 bucks.