Walking to help your writing

March 31, 2010 in On Writing, Study by pacejmiller

Last night in our narrative writing class, my tutor began talking about walking and writing.  Not writing while walking (could be dangerous), but walking to help your writing.

“Didn’t you know?” she said to us (though looking at me).  Writing and walking go hand in hand.  Whenever she got stuck with her writing, had writer’s block, or whatever, she would go for a walk.  And every single time, she says, she gets something out of it.  Not necessarily a solution to the specific problem that was stagnating her, but she would always find an “opening”, something she would be able to work with once she got home.

Well, I have occasionally gone for a walk to clear my head, but usually I do it for the exercise and to breathe in some fresh air.  I don’t think I’ve gotten that into the routine of writing that I need regular walks to unblock my mind, but perhaps I should.  I always complain about my lack of creativity and inspiration.  Maybe it’s because I don’t get out there and observe and uncluster my brain enough.

I was reading around online and found it astounding that so many writers love to walk, some even obsessed with it.  People have actually written books about walking and writing, and how to walk (eg Julia Cameron).  I think that’s going a little overboard, but I guess if it works, then why not?

Not much of the advice is free (you have to buy the book!), but I did find this website on “Meditation Walking for Writers“.  This isn’t just your ordinary, daily stroll.  This is meditation walking!  Sounds like it could work too.  I might give it a try.