Thoughts on the crappy 2010 Oscars

March 8, 2010 in Entertainment by pacejmiller

Ben Stiller's Navi impersonation was one of only a small handful of good moments at this year's Oscar ceremony

I watched the 2010 Academy Awards at a fellow unemployed friend’s place.  I’ve always loved the Oscars – not so much the ceremony itself, but the concept of crowning the best in cinema.

Anyway, this year’s Oscars ceremony was crap.  Too safe, too boring, too cheap, not entertaining enough.  Everyone seemed unnecessarily serious and uptight for some reason.

I was happy with most of the results.  Even though I predicted that Avatar would win Best Picture and Director (and failed on both accounts – see full list of predictions here), I was rooting for Bigelow by the end of the show.  I’m glad a female director won, and I’m glad that an independent film won.  And I’m very glad James Cameron didn’t win.

Here are some random thoughts.

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The Opening Number

I really like Neil Patrick Harris, but the opening song and dance number sucked.  The song was average, the singing was average, the dancing was average, and the lyrics were average.  Absolutely nothing special.  One of the weakest in years.

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin

A weird combination that didn’t really work.  A couple of good lines here and there, but nothing outrageous or hilarious.  For the most part it was pretty safe and felt like a big love fest between members of the industry, all patting each other on the back and reminding themselves how wonderful they are.

And to be honest, Martin and Baldwin didn’t actually do much.

A better combo would have been Baldwin and Tina Fey, or just Martin by himself.  Bring back Billy Crystal.

The Presenters

A fairly decent collection this year (everyone from Kate Winslet to Taylor Lautner to Gerard Butler to Amand Seyfried to Penelope Cruz to Sean Penn to Tom Hanks), but who wrote the introductory dialogue?  It was horrible!  Even the best actors and actresses couldn’t pull off that crap.  Everything sounded incredibly scripted and all jokes fell dead flat.

I thought the gimmick for the Best Actor and Best Actress presentations were interesting.  Get five people who know the nominees and rave about them for a couple of minutes each.  Well-intentioned but came off a little contrived.

The Acceptance Speeches

A couple of wonderful moments this year.  I loved how they cut people off with the music and turned off their microphones.  The best ones were when multiple award recipients walked on stage together and one person hogged all the allocated time, and when the next dude opened his mouth to speak the music was already playing.  Classic looks on faces all night.

Really, they should allocate speech time according to the number of winners for those minor awards.  It’s unfair that these poor people wait their entire lives to get on that stage and when they finally get to open their mouths the music is already playing.

The worst acceptance speech was probably from Sandy Powell, who won for Costume Design on The Young Victoria.

“Wow. Well, I already have two of these. So I’m feeling greedy.”

At least she was honest.

Worst Dressed

Miley Cyrus.  Shocker.

And I thought Miley had a bad fake tan

Worst Fake Tan

See above.

The Winners

I can’t be bothered reciting the entire list.  You can find them here.

All the acting awards went entirely according to script.  Mo’Nique for Precious, Christoph Waltz for Inglourious Basterds, Jeff Bridges for A Crazy Heart and Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side.

I was glad Bullock won, but even she (after picking up the Razzie for Worst Actress in All About Steve) seemed embarrassed to have won by beating heavyweights like Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren.  I guess Streep and Mirren will keep getting nominations for as long as they live, but let’s face it, this will be Bullock’s one and only chance to get up on that stage – and good for her for getting there!

There was no way she didn’t think she would win though.  Her well-rehearsed speech proved that she was the best prepared of anyone in the Kodak Theatre.  I liked the look on her face – she acted as though she was almost pissed off with the Academy for winning.

Speaking of pissed off, Quentin Tarantino and James Cameron got to me all night.  Tarantino for the dickish way he carried on every time he or his film was shown on screen, and Cameron for his…well, for just being himself!

When his ex-wife Bigelow beat him for Best Director, I loved his reaction.  It was the perfect overreaction, as though he was so happy for her he could hardly contain himself.  Give the man an Oscar!

George Clooney

What was the deal with everything paying out and taking jabs at George Clooney?  Whatever the reason, it felt…right.  Comfortable.  Actually, everything said about George felt comfortable except when Vera Farmiga gave Clooney a glowing, suck-up review about how foxy and dreamy he is, and the camera landed on the face of Clooney’s girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis.

The 10 Best Picture Nominees

I think I already voiced my displeasure with this.  Way too many.  So many that Tom Hanks couldn’t even be bothered running through the whole list again before he gave the award to The Hurt Locker.

Unfortunately, I think this is here to stay.

Final Thoughts

Not a great night.  Were they trying to save money or did they think it was just wasn’t worth putting in too much effort?