First Day of Class: Screenwriting

March 3, 2010 in On Writing, Study by pacejmiller

Last night was the first day of my writing course, and it was a screenwriting class.  It’s an elective, and since most of my other subjects were serious (like editing), I decided to pick something fun.

Anyway, it started at night and went for 3 full hours with only a 15 minute break in the middle, which is a pretty hardcore length of time to remain focused.

Our tutor is a relatively successful screenwriter, director and producer of short and feature length films (well, she can’t be that successful or else she wouldn’t be teaching us!).  There were around 20 students in total, doing a variety of different courses and from all walks of life.  There were actors, fashion designers, freelance writers, copywriters, teachers, journalists, graphic designers, waiters, and just one other lawyer (still employed, unlike me) who looked just like Ron Eldard.

Ron Eldard

I sat next to a casting agent (we had to chat and then introduce each other to the class – I hate stuff like that) who had done the casting for several very popular TV shows.  She says she works long hours and reads a lot of scripts everyday, most of them really horrible ones (such as B-grade American films that want to be shot in Australia).  It’s hard work but she finds it enjoyable.

Everyone seemed somewhat wary in the first class, where we went through the history of screenwriting and watched a few short clips on the big screen at the front of the room.  I suppose writers are naturally shy?

There were a couple of more confident people that gave off ‘dick’ vibes, especially the Vincent Cassel lookalike (side view only), but of course they were the ones that had more experience than everyone else.  Ron Eldard did give off a ‘nice’ vibe.  Everyone else had a ‘scared’ or ‘nervous’ vibe, though in comparison I probably had a ‘shitting himself’ vibe.

Vincent Cassel

I liked the class and what it had to offer.  I didn’t even zone out, which has never happened in the history of my business or law classes.  Must be a good sign that I am doing the right thing.  However, I’ll have to get used to attending night classes.  I was pretty tired by the end of it.

Can’t wait for tonight’s class: creative writing!