Spider Killing Spree

February 25, 2010 in Uncategorized by pacejmiller

I was on the phone with an ex-work friend today when I wandered to the corner of my house and saw…spiders.

Lots and lots of mini-spiders.  So tiny that you would miss them individually, but when there’s at least 50, you notice them.  They were everywhere, crawling along the walls, dangling from side to side like miniature Tarzans, creating intricate webs like Tobey Maguire did for Kirsten Dunst.

Amidst all the babies, there was one big spider.  Half the size of my palm.  That must have been the ‘Queen’, I told myself.

How did I miss this spider colony in my house?

I quickly said goodbye to my friend.  I then went and grabbed two canisters of bug spray (Mortein and Baygon) and raced back.  It felt like the numbers increased in the 10-15 seconds I was gone.

I uncapped the sprays and stood on a stool, then went on the biggest spider killing spree since Jeff Daniels in Arachnophobia.

The little buggers went crazy.  But inexplicably, they didn’t die.  Not straight away, anyway.  It took at least 30 seconds of constant spraying with two canisters to get most of them.  It then took another 10 seconds just to put down the Queen.

When it was done, I felt like Bruce Willis at the end of Die Hard.  Except I think I inhaled too much of the sprays, and as a result I have been dying of thirst all afternoon.  I hope no permanent damage has been done.