Alarm Dude and a Lesson in Persistence

February 23, 2010 in Blogging, On Writing by pacejmiller

Right now there is an alarm dude in my home.

I’m not sure if he is legit, or if the whole thing is some scheme for him to get into the house and disable our alarm system so he can take my PS3 and Fargo DVD after stabbing me with a sharp object.

He is right behind me at the moment, screwdriver in hand, I presume trying to dislodge the emergency button in the bedroom.  I even helped him move the set of drawers out of the way so he could get access.  This could potentially be my last post.

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See, about a month ago, some guy from our home security firm called and asked if he could come over and discuss our ‘options’.  What the heck, I thought.  I have nothing better to do on a Saturday (not).

So the guy came, with his ID badge and everything, and looked around at our security system.  He said it needed updating, and he was probably right.  We hadn’t conducted any maintenance work on the thing since 1993 (true fact).  This alarm system worked quite well, saving us from burglary several times while we were on vacation, and once in the middle of the night when the thief actually climbed in and set it off (we have his footprint to prove it).

The dude told us that a system as old as this could go any time.  Accordingly, I was open to the idea of updating the system.  We get discounts and stuff because we’ve been loyal customers for all these years.  Plus with the new system, we get remote controls to turn the alarms on and off.  Saves me running to check whether it is on every night.  Plus they do a free maintenance check every year.  All good.

The problem was setting up a time when the alarm dude could come over to do the update.  The following conversation took place.

“Are you free between Monday and Friday next week?”

“Between what hours?”

“Nine to five.”

“Er, no.  We work during the week.  Can they do later?  Or on the weekend?”

“They can only do nine to five.”

“What about the weekend?”

“No, only weekdays…so are you free next week?”


“Er, no.  We work during the week.”

“What about the week after that?”

“No.  We still work.”

“What about the one after that?  Only nine to five though.  No weekends.”

[Long pause]

“We have full time jobs that require us to be there between nine and five on weekdays.  Isn’t there another time someone can come over?”


“I’m afraid not.  Couldn’t you do the week after that?”


“I guess we have a problem.  What about the week after that?”


“Actually…yes!  I resigned yesterday and I finish up the Friday before that week you just referred to.  And I don’t start class until the week after that.  So yes, let’s do it then.”

“Great.  Which week is that again?”

See?  Persistence does pay off.