Tiger’s Apology: Sincere or Phony?

February 20, 2010 in Entertainment by pacejmiller

So Tiger Woods finally comes out and makes a public statement about his, er, infidelities.  How he has let people down.  How he has let his wife and family down.  Pretty much what everyone has known for the last few months.

I haven’t read the general public reaction to Wood’s apology, but I can imagine it would be mixed.  Personally, I thought he could have at least memorised it rather than read off a piece of paper.  Apologies always feel more sincere when not read.

I also didn’t like the mention of sponsors and reminding everyone what a humanitarian he is.  I’d rather someone else remind us – it feels less contrived that way.  But what would I know – I am sure Woods’ team spent days working on this script to make it perfect.

The funniest part of the whole speech is when Tiger showed anger at allegations that his wife Elin had attacked him on the night that the cat was let out of the bag.  Tiger was adamant that Elin never touched him.  Like most others, I found that very disappointing.  Let’s face it.  We all secretly hoped that the rumours were true and she clubbed him with his three wood.

I’d give the apology a B-.  If I hadn’t heard Woods speak before and didn’t know he was so..’wooden’ in his delivery then I might have given it a C.

So what do you think?  Was this a genuine, sincere attempt by Woods to make amends, or just another well calculated, phony PR stunt cooked up by Woods’ management team?

I think the best for Woods to make everyone forget about his indiscretions is to go back to winning on the golf course.  Sports lovers, and Americans in particular, are great at forgiving supreme athletes, as long as they perform.