Old Shows, New Seasons, Rants

February 5, 2010 in Entertainment by pacejmiller

The Final Season of Lost has a lot of expectations to live up to

I’ve been catching up on a lot of TV lately (hence the lack of movie reviews).

It’s a big year for television – Lost is entering its 6th and final season.  Jack Bauer is going all out in the 8th and final season of 24.  The heroes from Heroes are still plodding along into a 4th season, the cast from Gossip Girl (I know, I know) is heading to college in season 3, and given the disaster it has become, season 9 of Smallville might very well be its last too.

Here are some random rants on how each series is panning out this season.

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Lost Season 6 (Final Season) – Episodes 1 – 2

When season 1 of Lost first came out, it blew my mind.  There were so many interesting characters, subplots, and countless ‘what the crap is going on’ moments (and sometimes entire episodes) that you just had to watch every week.

Then Season 2 rolled around and it was still pretty good, but not quite as mind-blowing.  Then Seasons 3-5 came and went and no one really cared because they knew nothing was going to get sorted out until the final season.  The story got too messy, too convoluted, too WTF, and no loyalty rewards came to moron viewers who stuck with the show (like me) – until the latter half of season 5.

Well, the 6th and final season of Lost is here.  There was a long recap episode to kick things off, which I must say was too long (because it was boring) but not long enough (because you still don’t know what the heck happened).  Then the double episode season premiere, with memorable characters returning, though more mysteries added than solved.  It was good, but the ultra-excitement that existed at the beginning of the show is long gone.

We know now the show is about time travel and alternative worlds, but there are lots of questions that will probably never be answered.  The extent to which some (but not all) of the secrets are unraveled in the final season will be instrumental in how Lost as a series is remembered 10 years from now.

Right now, I am sceptical.  For starters, no more new time-lines.  We’ve already got 3 running concurrently – any more and brains will start exploding.  Second, no more new dudes (though old ones are okay).  The Japanese samurai dude from The Last Samurai, The Promise, Rush Hour 3 and Speed Racer (he plays a samurai in all of these) gave me a good laugh but it was just too much!  Third, Matthew Fox needs to give a crap again.  He’s the key guy that carries the show and he’s been on auto-pilot since season 3.  Every time he’s on screen he’s giving off a massive ‘please let this be over’ vibe.  He cared more on Party of Five, and that says it all.

Oops.  Too late.  I think filming completed already.

24 Season 8 (Final Season) – Episodes 1 – 6

Jack is going out with the bang in Season 8

Look, I am biased.  To me, 24 is one of the best shows ever in terms of addictiveness.  I don’t think any else I’ve watched has come close.  Some of the seasons were clearly not as good as others, but on the whole, the show is unbelievable.

Season 8 so far is very solid.  As usual, Kiefer Sutherland is in fine form as Jack Bauer, the unluckiest man alive.  He just has to do what is necessary!  Good to see Chloe O’Brian back at CTU and new ‘dark side’ version of Renee Walker.  The new CTU agents are a bit dicky but Freddie Prinze Jr is back in his best performance since She’s All That!  (That was a joke, by the way)

Before the final season ends, I want to see Jack wrestle a bear, take down a missile with a BB gun, punch out the host from Slumdog Millionaire (I love how they keep getting Indian actors to play Middle-Eastern dudes – cases in point: Naveen Andrews (Sayid) from Lost and Kal Penn (Kumar from White Castle) from season 6 of 24 – and surprise surprise, they both play terrorists!)…and lead a tap dancing routine to save the planet.

Gossip Girl Season 3 – Episodes 1 – 12

Manwhore Nate leads the cast of Gossip Girl Season 3

Yes.  I watch Gossip Girl.  Bite me.

Season 1 was addictive.  Season 2 was repetitive.  Season 3 so far is the same but different.  There are only so many ways 6 people can sleep with each other.  Thank goodness there are now new characters, such as Hilary Duff, who plays a chunky blonde version of Kristen Stewart/Emma Watson, Tyra Banks (in her ugliest role yet), Nate’s wimpy cousin (no one cares), Dan’s half-brother (no one cares) and the return of Blair’s real life boyfriend, Carter Baizen (Sebastian Stan).

Nevertheless, despite the annoying characters, they still have redeeming qualities, and if nothing else, the show is still funny.

There have been two massive WTF moments this season.  One, the dreaded threesome scene between Duff, Dan and Vanessa, and two, Lady Gaga’s ‘guest’ performance.  She’s  just crazy.

Heroes Season 4 – Episodes 1 – 17

Heroes needs a make-over that doesn't involve T-Bag

I’m so disappointed with Heroes right now.

The story just keeps going around in circles.  Every season there is some catastrophic ‘end of the world’ threat that never eventuates.  Every character has gotten past their expiry date.  Hiro gets more irritating by the episode.  Claire is plain annoying.  Peter’s self-righteousness keeps stuffing everything up.  Mohinder and Matt Parkman are the two biggest douchebag twits in the universe.  Sylar, the most fascinating character of the series, has gone from interesting to retarded.

And of the people they could have gotten to play the brand new villain, they got freaking T-Bag (Knepper) from Prison Break?  Dumbest casting move ever.

I don’t know how they can salvage the show, but something drastic has to be done.

Smallville Season 9 (Potentially Final Season) – Episodes 1- 7

Dick vibes all round

I haven’t watched the last few episodes yet, but season 9 of Smallville is by far the worst of the series (and that’s a big statement considering some of the shockers this show’s had).  Even though it is a series I want to follow to the bitter end, it’s so bad that for the first time in 9 seasons I’m wondering whether it’s worth watching anymore.  Nothing makes sense!  Nothing!  Argh!

Julian Sands as Jor-El?  Hah!

Please make this the final season.  Bring Lex (Rosenbaum) back for a couple of episodes at the end.  Bring Lana Lang (Kreuk) back to wrap things up.  Get rid of Zod.  No more ripping off other shows or movies.  No more destroying the DC universe.

Sigh.  Once upon a time Smallville really was an awesome show.  It really was.  I don’t know if they can fix things given how far the show has fallen, but for Superman’s sake, I hope they do.