My 2010 Oscar Nominations Rant (and Predictions)!

February 3, 2010 in Entertainment by pacejmiller

The Oscars are here again!

So…the 2010 Oscar nominations have been announced (for the full list check here).

I love the Oscars.  Always have, probably always will.  There’s something about a bunch of really famous, talented people dressing up, patting themselves on the back and thanking everyone under the sun that inspires the entire human race.  I mean it.

The most noticeable change in this year’s Academy Awards ceremony is the number of nominees for Best Picture, which has been doubled from the usual five to ten.  The Academy really believed it when former losers said they were “happy just to be nominated”. 

Now, instead of the usual four losers putting on awkward smiles with tears in their eyes, clapping weakly/violently as the winner walks up to accept their statuette, there will now be nine.  Awesome.

The other noticeable change this year is that Sandra Bullock got nominated.  I like Sandra Bullock.  I really do.  I loved Speed (the film).  But really, her acting is a bit…well…

I’m being unfair here because I haven’t seen The Blind Side, but this performance has to be at least 7.8 times better than anything she has ever done for that nomination to be deserved.  I hope that is the case, or else before you know it you’ll be seeing Matthew McConaughey (the male equivalent in terms of talent and quality of movies after the initial breakthrough film – Speed for Bullock and A Time to Kill for McConaughey) collecting a statuette for Contact 2: Can’t Touch This.

Now, here are some random comments on the nominees in each category.

(Read my rants on each category by clicking on ‘more…’)

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