Apple’s iPad bullies Amazon’s Kindle, rips off consumers

February 2, 2010 in Technology by pacejmiller

Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPad

[Thanks to my blogger friend at inspired worlds who brought this to my attention.]

Looks like Apple is being a market bully again at the expense of consumers.  Check it out.  You don’t have to be an anti-trust lawyer to smell something fishy here.

On 29 January 2010, books from publisher Macmillan started vanishing from Amazon.  Apparently, Macmillan was unhappy with the US$9.99 price tag for the majority of the NY Times Bestseller e-books for Amazon’s Kindle (e-book reader), and wanted to raise the price to US$12.99-US$14.99.  That’s the price at which e-books will be sold for on Apple’s iPad, which is also an e-book reader and Kindle’s main competitor in the market.

Even though both the iPad and Kindle have their own proprietary formats, Kindle will bring out a ‘Kindle for iPad’ application which will effectively allow people to buy e-books from Amazon (rather than Apple) and read them on the iPad.  If you own or intend to own an iPad, you must be thinking – why would I pay $14.99 per e-book from Apple when I can get them for 33% cheaper at Amazon?

Well, it looks like you can’t.  Not anymore.

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