Are my blog stats real?

January 27, 2010 in Blogging by pacejmiller

For those just passing by or stumbled onto this blog, please leave a message.  Anything.  Just so I know you’re real.

You see, I recently started wondering where I was getting all these hits from.  From humble beginnings where this blog would get 50 hits on a good day, it has now gotten to a point where 1000+ is the norm.

But when I checked my stats, it appears I sometimes get massive traffic from just a couple of posts (usually my European travel or boxing ones).  Once I got almost 4000 hits in a day just on one of them.  It got me suspicious.  Where do these people come from?  Just how do they find this blog?

I tried searching on WordPress and Google, and rarely do any of my posts come up in keyword searches.  The only place where I got more luck was Google image searches.  Could these people just be looking for pictures?

I went further and registered with Clicky (since you can’t use Google Analytics on WordPress).  It appears most of my visitors are unique (as opposed to one person clicking a thousand times), but the average time they spend here is like 40 seconds.  WordPress swears by its stats system but I’m convinced something is fishy here.

So please, leave a message.  Tell me how you found this blog.  I’ll reward you with this John Wall mix tape.