KFC’s Portuguese Egg Tarts!

January 22, 2010 in Food, Taiwan, Travel by pacejmiller

One thing you don’t expect to find at a KFC is egg tarts.

But head into any KFC in Taiwan, and no joke, you can order Portuguese egg tarts.

And these aren’t just your everyday, run of the mill, Portuguese egg tarts.  Believe it or not, these tarts are the ‘same’ as the ones from the world famous Margaret’s Cafe e Nata in Macau.  Apparently, several years ago there was a massive boom in Portuguese egg tarts in Taiwan, and KFC bought the recipe off Margaret for a healthy lump sum.

To keep things interesting, KFC has made some ‘advancements’, such as the mochi and brown syrup egg tart, and my personal favourite, the ‘exploding’ custard egg tart (I saw some commercials of it on TV while I was there and apparently they were a great source of porn jokes).