Books for 2010!

January 19, 2010 in Book Reviews by pacejmiller

It’s gonna be a big reading year for me.

In my last post, I raved about the 24-hour Eslite book store in Taipei.  Well, I ended up getting no less than 12 books from Eslite (not all in one go, but probably in 3 or 4 tranches, at different Eslites spread across Taipei).  I got everything from classics to award winners to trashy thrillers to self-help.

Here is the list:

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2010 Australian Open Predictions

January 19, 2010 in Tennis by pacejmiller

Look, for some reason I can’t get revved up for the Australian Open this year.  I don’t know why.

It’s already started and I can barely force myself to follow the results, let alone watch it on TV.

Nevertheless, I sought advice from a tennis expert (okay, he’s just a friend who really likes tennis and has been quite spot on in the past, except when he puts money on it) on what he thinks will happen.  Here is what he said.

Who do you see coming through on the men’s side?

I expect Murray v Nadal in the QF for an epic match.  I also see Roddick making it to the SFs. I think Del Potro is not prepared enough to go far.

Davydenko or Verdasco to get through in the top half, but the winner is out of Nadal, Murray or Roddick.

What about the great man Federer?

As you know, I am as anti-federer as I have ever been now so I am hoping his GS semi final run ends here.

What about the ladies?

Elena to beat Henin in the next match.  Can’t help but think that if Elena didn’t have tennis player arms and not stayed in the sun all day, she’d be quite attractive.

Sorry, that’s all I’ve got.

Eslite: Taipei’s 24-hour book store

January 19, 2010 in Taiwan, Travel by pacejmiller

The exterior of the 24-hour Dunhua branch of Eslite book store in Taipei

One of my favourite places in all of Taipei is the Eslite book store on Dunhua South Road.

Beneath the unassuming exterior of the building lies a book-lover’s paradise.  Shelves and shelves of books and magazines in both Chinese and English.  Several floors of it.  Most of the books are unwrapped and available for reading.

And the best part – it’s there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You may wonder what the heck a 24-hour book store is for – it’s not like people read at 3:47am in the morning, do they?  Well, they do.

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