Shirtpal – Custom Shirts Made Easy!

January 12, 2010 in Websites by pacejmiller

I hate shopping for shirts, especially shirts for work.

Why do I have waste my precious time in a store trying on crappy shirt after shirt that don’t fit me right and cost way too much, trying to make myself look good for work, when work does everything it can to make me look bad?

Anyway, so a friend of mine tells me about this Shirtpal place.   It’s where he gets his schmick shirts that put my cheap shit to shame.  I feel obliged to tell everyone about it.

Shirtpal allows you to choose ready-made shirts made from quality imported fabrics, but what’s good about it is that it has this shirt ‘workshop’ (just click ‘Enter’ on the front page), where you can design every single bloody little thing a shirt can have (and even things you didn’t know a shirt could have) – from the dozens of fabrics to the style of the collar and the cuffs, the number of pockets and other crap – including monograms (if you want to give off that ‘dick vibe’, though depending on what the monogram says, a ‘twat vibe’ is also possible).

Screen cap of the Shirtpal 'Workshop'

Then you fill in some numbers for measurements.  You can go the basic route with the neck size, sleeve length etc, or you can go all out for the ‘Perfect Fit’, where you embarrassingly fill out all the sizes of your out-of-proportion bulges.  It’s insanely comprehensive, even to the extent where you can choose your shoulder, back and belly type (you should check these out, they are hilarious!).

According to the webpage, there are more than 3 billion designs.  True fact.

The best thing about the workshop is that you can actually see what you are designing as you change the preferences.  I wasted waaay too much time trying to come up with the ugliest shirt possible.  To be honest I didn’t even know this kind of technology existed!

And at the end of it all, the price is very reasonable.  The butt ugly shirt I designed turned out to be AUD 61.46, which compares pretty favourably to ready-made shirts in stores, but is exactly the way you like it.  They currently deliver to Canada, Thailand, Singapore and Australia.  Oh, and delivery is free.

So if you want shirts but hate shopping for them, I’d give this place a go.  At the very least you can muck around with the designs and have a bit of fun.  I may have.