New Pacers Pulse is Live! 7Tavern is up!

January 10, 2010 in Basketball, Blogging, Indiana Pacers, Movie Reviews, On Writing, Taiwan, Travel by pacejmiller

Man I have got too much going on.

The brand new and significantly improved (at least from an aesthestic standpoint) Pacers Pulse is finally LIVE on Bloguin.

Visit it at:

I’ve been trying to import the archived posts over but without much success.  If the old stuff gets lost, then so be it!

My movie reviews from this blog (so far) have also been imported to 7Tavern.  You can access them (along with reviews from other reviewers) by clicking on the 7Tavern logo in the right hand side bar!

And lastly, more articles coming at Bleacher Report.  Check out the existing ones here.

Oh, and back to work tomorrow…and I’m not even half way through my Taiwan posts…